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Democracy sucks

How else, other than democracy sucks, to explain the horrendous state of Chicago and Illinois. How else to explain the seemingly ho-hum attitude (see John Kass’ eloquent column) toward former IRS executive Lois Lerner’s missing two (yes, two!) years of emails and the oh-so coincidental hard drive crash to some of the people who received... Read more »

Occupy Chicago is right about one thing, but....

Occupy Chicago and other practitioners of those new and spreading protests want us to better understand and empathize with the poor. So let’s work on that. The U.S. Census Bureau provides evidence that America is in the grip of a poverty pandemic, as the occupiers would have it: Last year, more than 15 percent of... Read more »

Who makes more, public or private sector workers?

Here’s another round in the never-ending attempt to compare compensation for public and private employees. The comparison could be more complicated than rocket science, and any effort to explain it is near heroic. But this comparison, done by Josh Rauh of the Kellogg School of Management does make one important point: This all suggests that public... Read more »

How Illinois public pensions compare with other states

Most observers agree that a good part of the states’ financial problems (aside from the recession) is the funding of public pensions. Here is a good analysis of what other states have been doing to address the problem, compared with Illinois. Among the steps that other states have taken are: Increased employee contribution requirements. Increased... Read more »

Republicans, call and double down Obama's deficit reduction bluff

Even while deficit reduction talks continue between the White House and congressional leaders, Democrats and Republics, pundits already are awarding victory points for President Barack Obama’s challenge to do a really big deficit reduction deal. “If not now, when?” he asked at his press conference today, when he made it appear that Republicans were backing... Read more »

Emanuel's election ushers in a new kind of "them versus us" in Chicago

( Tribune photo by Abel Uribe / February 22, 2011 ) Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel acknowledges the crowd during his victory rally at a Near West Side plumbers union hall Tuesday. Following Rahm Emanuel’s election as Chicago mayor, the city has found a new definition of “them versus us.” Used to be that “them” and “us”... Read more »

Public sides with Wis. Gov. Walker in labor dispute

McHenry County Blog
  According to a new Rasmussen report, 48 percent of those surveyed back Walker while 38 percent on unions’ side. A near-majority believe that teachers, police officers and fire fighters should not be allowed to strike. Even more striking, a Clarus Poll finds 64 percent of those surveyed believe that government employees should not be... Read more »

A debtors' prison for deadbeat pols?

Maybe putting legislators in the clink is all that’s left  Too bad we don’t have debtors’ prisons anymore. They would be suitable lodgings for House Speaker Michael Madigan, D-Chicago, and the rest who are responsible for Illinois’ financial demise. We could let Madigan, Gov. Pat Quinn, Senate PresidentJohn Cullerton and others who are responsible for stiffing thousands of... Read more »

Beavers, he of the thick head

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