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Tear down the Abe Lincoln statue in Chicago's Lincoln Park

Why not? Even though he led the Union in a fight to abolish slavery, we all know that he was a racist at heart and ending slavery wasn’t his purpose at all. It is Fred Kaplan’s argument according to a book review by Manisha Sinha: Unlike the abolitionists, Lincoln — in Kaplan’s telling — opposed emancipation... Read more »

For those needing a reminder of what the Nazis did

Every new generation needs another reminder of the fathomless evil of the Nazis, especially now that so many Americans seem to proudly identify with them and their allied white supremacists such as the Ku Klux Klan. As appalling as it was for the Greatest Generation to discover the depravity of the Nazi death camps as they... Read more »

The Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate group

The Southern Poverty Law Center has a right to call anyone a hate group. And so it does. But it goes beyond the pale when journalists participate in the center’s hateful activities by uncritically citing its “research”  into and its “definition” of who and what qualifies as a hate group. A journalist has done it... Read more »

What is racism?

It’s time to step back and consider what racism means. The term is getting flung around so much that it has become so generic that its meaning has become lost. The most recent example is the passionate–if not the out-of-control–criticism that has been dumped on Chicago Sun-Times theater critic Hedy Weiss. Here is how the ADL defines... Read more »

White Guilt Invades the Elite New Trier High School on the wealthy North Shore

This article first appeared in The Weekly Standard. Northfield, Il.–Now that institutions of higher learning have been thoroughly molded in the principles and practices of white guilt, it’s time to turn to the high schools. For that, we take you to Chicago’s affluent North Shore suburbs, where the excellent New Trier High School has set... Read more »

The ultra-left runs amock at New Trier High School

UPDATE: White guilt invades the elite New Trier High School  School board approves seminar; it will proceed as scheduled. No one objects to seminars and lessons about Dr. Martin Luther King, the civil rights movement and its necessity for the cleansing of America. But New Trier High School has gone amok in creating this year’s seminar day... Read more »

THIS is what passes for racial profiling?

Hurray for police body cameras. This one showed that Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) was, shall we say, mistaken when he filed a racial profiling complaint against two Chicago police officers. They had stopped him for legitimate reasons and the video shows that the officers were exceptionally polite and had a good reason to stop him.... Read more »

Why is this not being called a "hate crime?"

A white guy gets beaten by black men. Imagine if this had happened in Mount Greenwood, and it was one black guy who was beaten by a mob of white guys it would be proof of white racism. Although the victim says he wasn’t beaten because he voted for trump (the assailants could not have... Read more »

Kendall County, one of the few places in America, where black household income exceeds white's

In Kendall County,  a Chicago suburb, black households made $96,146 compared to the $89,236 of whites. It’s an anomaly, nationally and in Cook County where the $34,935 black median household income was less than half that of whites. This finding is described in the publication Stateline. The few places where black income equalled or exceeded white often... Read more »

Is Charlotte the new Ferguson?

The reaction to the police  shooting of  Keith Lamont Scott, a black man in Charlotte, N.C. is so reminiscent of the uproar over the fatal shooting of Michael Brown that one can legitimately ask if Charlotte the new Ferguson. The answer is yes. But not for the reason that the Black Lives Matter movement probably imagines–i.e. the unjustified... Read more »
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