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Vote: Should government guarantee a minimum income?

The idea that government should just give cash to poor families instead of food stamps, housing subsidies and so forth might be back. The idea of a government-guaranteed income was a popular idea among academics and liberals during the administration of Lyndon Johnson. Based on the idea that poor people know what’s best for them,... Read more »

Proof that the rich don't care

From the New York magazine: New research by Paul Piff  at the University of California, Berkeley suggests that more money makes people act less human. Or at least less humane As a Russell Sage post-graduate fellow in social science writing at the University of Wisconsin at Madison I had pretty much fallen for the credo... Read more »

Wonder how Bill Gates' private wealth is helping the world?

Here is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s annual letter with lots of interesting and important stuff: One of the blessed works that Bill Gates mentions is Rotary International’s campaign to eradicate polio worldwide. It has been wildly successful, but now the problem is that so many people were born after the development of the... Read more »

A look inside the paranoid mind of CTU president Karen Lewis

Karen Lewis, president of the Chicago Teachers Union, joins the conspiratorial mindset of Occupyisters, going so far as blaming Steve Jobs and Bill Gates for the troubles that teachers’ unions are having. Never does she concede that perhaps part of the problem could be the suffocating, hide-bound institution that she and the CTU have helped create.... Read more »

Occupy Chicago is right about one thing, but....

Occupy Chicago and other practitioners of those new and spreading protests want us to better understand and empathize with the poor. So let’s work on that. The U.S. Census Bureau provides evidence that America is in the grip of a poverty pandemic, as the occupiers would have it: Last year, more than 15 percent of... Read more »

Understanding poverty: Clues from Chicago and conservatives

Tribune photo by Walter Kale. The Robert Taylor Homes are gone, but not the poverty that the projects symbolized “Family values” it turns out has had more to do with the “culture of poverty,” than has been conceded for the past couple of decades, according to new social science research and thinking. The trend is... Read more »