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Thank for exposing the coronavirus and other money-grabbing

Based in the Chicago area, is a leading unmasker of how government at all levels wastes your taxes on useless, stinky, misguided and suspect stuff. Its motto is “Every Dime. Online. In Real Time.” Some of its recent work that the not-for-profit itemized: When Illinois asked for a $41.6 billion bailout, it exposed the 109,881 public employees... Read more »

Say it ain't so, Joe

Joe Biden indeed said it ain’t so, with the same conviction and instensity as when then-President Bill Clinton fibbed that, “I did not have sex with that woman…Monica Lewinsky.” Which is to say that a denial, no matter how strenuously made, is only the start. As when Chicago Daily News reporter Charley Owens said,“Say it ain’t so, Joe”... Read more »

Illinois taxpayers are NOT required to keep feeding the state workers' pension funds

Why has feeding Illinois government workers’ pensions funds taken precedence over other desperate needs, especially as the coronavirus has added another crippling dimension to state’s already deadly fiscal crisis? Here’s a surprise: Illinois taxpayers don’t have to.  Not even to conform to the state’s constitution requirement that no government worker’s pension benefits can be diminished. No doubt... Read more »

Obama comes down from the hill to endorse Biden after the battle is over

Obama finally shows up with an endorsement when it no longer matters. How cynical is that? A profile in courage. Bold. Audacious. Nervy. Leadership definitions: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” -John Quincy Adams “Do not follow where the path may lead. Go... Read more »

I'm 78 and I'm not running for president

I’m too old. Like Joe Biden. I recognize Joe Biden. I know him. I know what it is to struggle for a word, as Biden did when he couldn’t remember, holy smokes, the name of God when he said, “All men and women created by—you know, you know the thing.” Or when he called Super... Read more »

Here is the most authoritative and comprehensive information on the Coronavirus

With so many claims, counterclaims, so much misinformation and disinformation floating around in the politicized debate over the spread of Coronavirus, here is a place I discovered to be the most authoritative and comprehensive source of information: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. It provides information on how it spreads, symptoms, prevention, treatment and testing. It brings... Read more »

Should Donald Trump be committed?

The question, posed by some academics weeks ago, lingers as President Donald Trump keeps adding more and more evidence that he might be a tad tetched in the head. The latest came when he appeared at a campaign rally to support embattled Kentucky Republican Gov. Matt Bevin and proclaimed: You’ve got to vote,” Trump told the crowd... Read more »

Y'all make me sick

You, the cretins on both sides of the political divide. You who are turning the United States of America into a madhouse incapable of governing itself. You who believe that your success requires that the other side must be ground into dust. Ya’ll won’t be happy unless you humiliate and crush your “enemies.”  Winning the election... Read more »


After listening to both sides, a yawn is all I can feel about the  fiery debate about the United States plunging into a “constitutional crisis.” From the tenor of the “conversation,” one might imagine that we’ve returned to 1860 when a true constitutional crisis led to the Civil War What we have in the face-off between... Read more »

Biden is right: America's soul is imperiled

“Former Vice President Joe Biden formally joined the crowded Democratic presidential contest on Thursday, declaring the “soul of this nation” [is] at stake if President Donald Trump wins re-election,” reports the AP. Got that right. But the threat not only comes from the far right, but also from the far left. One might even argue... Read more »
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