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A good debate over whether racial diversity is necessary to make good policy

Can a majority of white men ever make good policy, or is it to be automatically dismissed as bad policy? Does “everyone” have to be included to reach the “right” decision? A good debate follows:

Mr. Trump, resign the presidency, please

Get out. Go away. If Trump had just a tiny smidgeon of space for love of country alongside his bloated self in his massive ego, he’d step down. Before we’re all delivered to hell. If we’re not there already. Trump ran, pledging to drain the D.C. swamp. Instead he has turned it into a cesspool.... Read more »

Stupid GOP about to hand a couple victories to progs

Here’s a message to the stubborn Republicans who seem willing to hand hard-left progressives a couple of victories on health care reform and the budget: You can’t govern with 30-some votes. And your failure to govern is going to bring down the Republican Party and hand the government’s reins back to the likes of Democrats Nancy... Read more »

The 'March for Science' subverts real science

How can anyone so passionately support science yet be so ignorant about science? Certainly many of those who participated the in March for Science and its sisters, the People’s Climate March and today’s May Day March, were scientists or those who understand science. But for so many others it was a political event, amounting to no more than a cheeky attempt... Read more »

Mike Pence the most liked American politician

A new USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll find that Vice President Mike Pence is the most popular politician in America. Only Mike Pence scored a net positive rating, with 47% of those surveyed saying they had a generally favorable impression of him and 35% a mostly unfavorable one. The rest were undecided. That 11-point advantage sets him apart... Read more »

When rape doesn't much matter

From the Washington Times: Social warriors, sometimes Why the rape that escaped the media and national attention must not be ignored Rape stories, when they can be used to vault social-justice issues into the nation’s psyche, get exhaustive coverage and opining by the mainstream media, regardless of whether they’re even true. But if a 14-year-old... Read more »

Senate Democrats aim their gun at Neil Gorsuch; it goes pfffft

Democrats appeared pitiful this morning with their futile attempt to nail Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. They repeatedly asked him for his “opinion” about hot button issues so they could identify him as being on the wrong side, as defined by progressives, of cultural, political and other issues. Or as some kind of handmaiden of President... Read more »

Fellow Americans, learn from Ben Franklin about compromise

Think we’re a nation divided? It’s nothing compared to the days of our foundation. When we fought over such existential questions as: Should we declare our independence from Great Britain? Should loyalists be chased out of the colonies into Canada and have their property confiscated? Was the Articles of Confederation a huge mistake by failing to... Read more »

Is Trump nuts or is Obama a worse criminal than Nixon?

What is an American to do? Not in my 75 years have I witnesses such a storm of accusations and re-accusations flying back and forth, with little or no substantiation. Did Barack Obama, in his waning days as president, order the wiretapping of president-elect Donald Trump, as Trump asserts with no evidence? Did Trump inappropriately... Read more »

Should food stamps be used to buy unhealthy foods?

Pew Charitable Trust’s “Stateline” does a comprehensive look at the various proposals to stop people from using food stamps to buy unhealthy foods. As it noted: Twenty-three cents of every food stamp dollar is used to buy candy, desserts, salty snacks, sugar and sweetened beverages, according to a November report from the U.S. Department of... Read more »
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