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For the love of Mike, Trump, can't you just shut up, for once?

President Donald Trump’s frequent, brainless and deceptive Tweets are as persuasive and effective as the playground comeback, “So’s your old man.” The Tweets, required by his wounded  ego, are jeopardizing his own agenda, not to mention that of the millions of Americans who agree with him on many issues. More and more Trump makes his retaliating for his hurt feelings more... Read more »

Must watch: Marco Rubio eloquently responds to Elizabeth Warren's rant

I guess you have to read the conservative publications and posts to have seen this. It is Sen. Marco Rubio’s eloquent response to Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s personal attack against attorney general nominee Jeff Sessions. It came after Democrats, echoed by left-leaning media, blow their tops over what they variously called Republican censorship of Warren.  Repeating the... Read more »

Women's March=Tea Party

Comparing the Women’s March from last week to Tea Party social movement will make progressive heads spin right off their bodies and into orbit. True, they’re polar opposites in their ideology. Among sponsors of the Women’s March was the most extreme pro-abortion advocates while the Tea Party, according to the master script promulgated by progressives, has been home to... Read more »

Do any ChicagoNow bloggers like Trump?

Not sure there are, judging by the overwhelming number of negative, insulting or condemnatory ChicagoNow posts of President Donald Trump. Endless posts decrying women who betrayed their gender by voting for him, itemizing other things to be done instead of lowering herself to watch the inauguration of this disgusting person; condemning him for appointing so many–ugh–old white... Read more »

Time to expunge "make sure" from the political vocabulary

Let’s make sure that we never again have to hear another politician promise that he’ll “make sure” that [fill in the blank]. Some politicians seem to be unable to speak without “making sure” that this or that happens. They promise, pledge, vow, aver, affirm and assert to work to “make sure” to balance the budget,... Read more »

One good piece of news from the Trump transition team

Mike Rogers is out. As in “you’re fired” from the Trump transition team. Who is Mike Rogers? A guy with dirt on his hands. The Weekly Standard explains it all: …the Trump transition team grew skittish about Rogers over concerns about the former congressman’s Intelligence committee report on the September 11, 2012, attack on the U.S.... Read more »

Who is Mindy Finn?

Ha, so you thought you know politics. Be honest, now, do you know who Mindy Finn is? Give up? Go here to find out. Read why Americans need to learn about the nation’s most ignored war. Find out what freelance editorial services I can provide for you.

Even progressive MSNBC is aghast at the Clintons' "ethical deficit"

How much more must the commonweal suffer the Clintons’ ethical deficit? Hillary and Bill Clinton has made the Chicago Way–the legendary Chicago corruption–seem to be small potatoes. Should the attorney general of New York shutdown the Clinton Foundation like he did the Trump Foundation for its shakedowns? Should the law be enforced evenhandedly? Even the progressive MSNBC... Read more »

Are the media in Hillary Clinton's pocket

A debate about whether the media are biased in favor of Clinton and left-wing causes: Having spent decades working in a newspaper newsroom, I believe there is a left-wing bias in news judgment, about what to report, where to place the story and so forth. Many reporters who exhibit this bias, unfortunately, deny it exists.... Read more »

Clinton and Gore's unscientific assertion that climate change worsened Hurricane Matthew

They’re at it again. After scientists have repeatedly warned that one event does not prove or disprove a hypothesis, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former Vice President Al Gore asserted in a campaign appearance that Hurricane Matthew was likely more destructive because of climate change. This constant politicization of science has become so absurd... Read more »
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