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Trump true believers: 'We don't need no stinking independents'

The one thing the Republican convention clarified is that dissent is alive and well in the GOP and in America. And that’s a good and great thing. It’s  what the American system of governance was designed to accommodate. Without dissent we’ve got, well, Donald Trump’s true believers. People who have no tolerance for disagreement, who... Read more »

Trump zealots, you'll be sorry

You could have surprised me when Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, lord of the outliers, let it be known that he is considering Newt Gingrich, lord of the insiders, as a possible pick for vice president. Gingrich, the former House Speaker, is as inside as you can get, with a long political and lobbying history–which... Read more »

Ron Grossman's elegant insights to Brexit, Donald Trump and populism

President Barak Obama’s recent observations about “populism” is further evidence of how the elites have no clue about what the rise of Donald Trump and Brexit are about. (See “Obama goes on “rant” about Donald Trump’s populism.”) Both Brexit and Donald Trump have touched a nerve of the many Americans and British who have had it... Read more »

Is Tammy Duckworth a sure bet to beat Mark Kirk for Illinois' Senate seat?

This article originally appeared in June 27, 2016 issue of The Weekly Standard: Down-Ballot Blues Can Mark Kirk escape the Trump taint? Distant newsrooms have sent word to Chicago that Republican moderate Mark Kirk is dead meat in his bid to win a second term as Illinois’s junior senator. He reliably tops newspaper lists of... Read more »

It's time to ask Trump if he knows the difference between fascism and trumpism

Much has been made of the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s inability to explain the difference between a Democrat and a socialist. It was an obvious question, considering that her main opposition for the Democratic nomination has been self-described socialist Bernie Sanders. It went a long way to revealing Clinton’s shallowness and exposing the... Read more »

How to dump House Speaker Mike Madigan

The first step to fixing what ails Illinois is to dump House Speaker Mike Madigan. The governance and labor reforms proposed by Gov. Bruce Rauner won’t do it until Madigan is removed from the speakership. Higher taxes won’t do it either. The finger of blame for the Illinois in-the-toilet condition points directly at Madigan–for all... Read more »

"How Donald Trump locked up the jerk vote"

Donald Trump has a “clear path” to securing the Republican nomination for president, according to pundits. For those of us, dumbfounded for how this monstrous demagogue did it, here is an explanation from Paul Waldman in his column, “How Donald Trump locked up the jerk vote.” Explaining why the iconic basketball coach and first-class idiot endorsed... Read more »

The Obama-Trump common denominator: Magical thinking

Heather Wilhelm’s op-ed column this morning in the Chicago Tribune made a forceful and on-target point about Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s magical thinking. On Wednesday, Trump delivered a landmark “serious candidate” foreign policy speech from Washington, D.C. In the hours before the speech, the media collectively freaked out in anticipation, even though Trump’s own... Read more »

An Earth Day plea to get politics out of climate science

Long-time Chicagoans will remember John Coleman, a Chicago meteorologist and founder of the Weather Channel. On this Earth Day he has issued a plea to get politics out of climate science, arguing that politics has corrupted the debate over climate change and global warming. In the USAToday, he said: When all the scare talk is... Read more »

Will the real Donald Trump please stand up

In an editorial that’s at war with itself, the New York Post has endorsed  Donald Trump, the one that the newspaper hopes it sees, but no one else has. Here’s how the Post urges us to ignore the Donald Trump that has repeatedly embarrassed himself during the campaign: Should he win the nomination, we expect... Read more »
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