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Buffoons on both sides of the transgender "bathroom wars"

Accusations and insults are flying over the latest battle in the culture wars: Whether transgender people can use the bathroom of their choosing, reflecting their self-identified gender. Many of those accusations score a bullseye on some social conservatives who are certain that it will lead to a wave of deadly sexual assaults in women’s bathrooms.... Read more »

More on Marquette University's muzzling of a conservative professor

Milwaukee’s Marquette University is poised to fire a tenured political science professor, John McAdams, for speaking his mind. McAdams’s sin? He dared to defend an undergraduate who thought that the ethics of same-sex marriage was an open question—a question worth discussing openly in an ethics class. That ethics class was being taught, in 2014, by... Read more »

The nitwits who cheered Trump's cancelled Chicago speech only helped his cause

The nitwits who were overjoyed because they kept Donald Trump from speaking at a University of Illinois Chicago rally only helped his cause by propping up his assertion that the authoritarian left and its political correctness are threatening cherished American values such as freedom of speech. Sure, plenty of the people who showed up to... Read more »

Racial hypersensitivity at Barrington High School

The portrayal of a Roman slave market at Barrington High School turned unexpectedly ugly. Reported the Barrington Courier-Review: Parents and students attending the [performance] from Kenwood Academy, a mostly black high school on Chicago’s South Side, took offense to the skit. One parent told Chicago’s CBS-Ch. 2 News that “regardless as to how it was... Read more »

Another victim of political correctness

I don’t endorse this guy’s tweets, but it has me wondering whether no progressives ever post nasty tweets.

Voter fraud doesn't exist

Like hell it doesn’t. But the astonishing assertion that voter fraud doesn’t exist found it’s way onto this blog in response to my Aug. 8 post that “Voter ID law does not suppress election turnout.” Well, I knew that a favorite progressive/liberal/Democrat trope is that Republicans/conservatives and fellow traveling meanies are trying by all kinds of... Read more »

At Columbia U, another high-profile 'rape' case unravels

Paul Nungesser, a Columbia University senior accused of rape by classmate Emma Sulkowicz who became famous for walking around campus with a symbolic mattress, is fighting back in court. He is suing Columbia University, its board of trustees, its President Lee C. Bollinger and a professor Jon Kessler for, in effect, wrecking his college experience and career possibilities... Read more »

Idiot Catholic school boots cancer survivor because she fell behind in class

BATTLE CREEK, Mich. (NEWSCHANNEL 3) – A young girl who has just finished fighting the biggest fight of her life has been dealt another blow. In August 2012, Rose McGrath, of Battle Creek, was diagnosed with leukemia. But last week, her family received a letter in the mail that would turn her world upside down.... Read more »

Sabrina Rubin Erdely and Rolling Stone flayed in University of Virginia rape case

Rolling Stone and Sabrina Rubin Erdely, who authored that atrocious article in the left-wing rag about an alleged woman’s rape at the University of Virginia frat house, got  their stories flayed again by the Charlottesville police. In finding no evidence that the alleged rape never happened, Erdely and Rolling Stone have taken yet another hit... Read more »

Barack Obama offends Catholics as he pardons Thanksgiving turkey

President Barack Obama offended Catholics when he pardoned the Thanksgiving Day turkey with the Sign of the Cross. That’s a sacred symbol for Catholics and millions of other believers because it stands for the Holy Trinity and the suffering and death of Christ on the cross. Those are their core beliefs, and mocking them is... Read more »
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      That is a feeling which many parents have. It's like you are happy that you have the freedom to whatever ...
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    • The "born alive" rule is not a new invention of the "extreme pro-choice abortion's industry." It was a rule ...
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    • In reply to Sheri345:
      Indeed. I wasn't trying to ignore the evidence. Here's some more:
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    • That's some interesting math. Obama supporters + Bernie supporters + Trump supporters + Cruz supporters - (Hillary supporters who ...
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      It is completely inaccurate to ignore the evidence of problems already being caused by transgenders in women's spaces.
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