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Barack Obama offends Catholics as he pardons Thanksgiving turkey

President Barack Obama offended Catholics when he pardoned the Thanksgiving Day turkey with the Sign of the Cross. That’s a sacred symbol for Catholics and millions of other believers because it stands for the Holy Trinity and the suffering and death of Christ on the cross. Those are their core beliefs, and mocking them is... Read more »

'Asian' carp name is politically incorrect

Some call it “racist” The ugly and piggish Asian carp now is considered “offensive” because it’s doing more than threatening to muscle in on the Great Lakes: It casts people from Asia in a “negative light.” From Fox News: Minnesota legislators consider renaming Asian carp The troublesome fish currently known as Asian carp may get... Read more »

Is there anything more fatuous than the debate over the "N-word"

Is there no end to the debate over who can or can’t use the N-word? It has flared up again with Tim Allen’s recent argument that white comedians should use the word “nigger” as opposed to “n-word,” arguing that the euphemism has become more offensive than the word itself. I guess the argument will continue for... Read more »

Paula Deen victim of a public relations show trial

She’s been sentenced to loss of her job for saying that nasty word a couple of times how long ago? Seems a bit extreme, doesn’t it? The corporate lynch mob responds by firing her as a spokeswoman. Now that her book is the top Amazon bestseller, maybe the lynch mob will go after the bookseller.... Read more »

I'm interviewed on WGN-720 at 9:35 a.m. Thursday about the War of 1812

WGN Radio host Mike McConnell interviews me at 9:35 a.m. Thursday, Aug. 16 about the war and my forthcoming historical novel, Madness: The War of 1812. I assume we will discuss the controversial question of whether the Fort Dearborn Massacre was really a “battle.”

In defense of eating at Chick-fil-A

Do we really want a country where people won’t do commerce with those who have beliefs different than their own?–JONATHAN MERRITT in The Atlantic Here are extraordinary sensible words about the narrow minds that would use government to shut down a business for its religious or other beliefs. Gay and lesbian groups were famously rankled when... Read more »

Occupy Golf Movement

This is making the rounds on the Internet: I am a member of golf’s lower 99%. I am an indifferent golfer, and there’s no way I could ever make it to the professional level. I will never put in the practice time to be the best. I will never have the shots, skills, or mental... Read more »

Proof that the rich don't care

From the New York magazine: New research by Paul Piff  at the University of California, Berkeley suggests that more money makes people act less human. Or at least less humane As a Russell Sage post-graduate fellow in social science writing at the University of Wisconsin at Madison I had pretty much fallen for the credo... Read more »

Global warming alarmists piss on science

As surely as stink follows a garbage truck, the deadly national heat wave brought forth predictable and terrifying scenarios from global warming alarmists. Triumphantly, the alarmists proclaimed that global warming (or climate change, or extreme weather, or whatever is their latest rendition of Earth’s frightful fate) was back high on the list of everyone’s worst... Read more »

The cheapening of fathers, men and boys

Here’s a great Father’s Day thought: Men and boys need help. They’ve become more self-destructive, more apathetic about success and more violent. Fewer are moving on to higher education, and boys and men alike are being outperformed in school by girls and women. On this day, Fathers Day, the culture continues to redefine masculinity, but... Read more »
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