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The Olympics are boring

As is B.O.R.I.N.G. Tedious. Vapid. Insipid. If you love athletics, the competition and joy of winning, you’ll have to set your recording so that you can skip the endless and cliche-packed commentary, interviews, commercials and hype to see your favorite sport. If NBC’s broadcast is anything like previous years, it will be an even greater orgy... Read more »

What will be missing in the State of the Union and State of Illinois speeches

Honesty. Clarity. Realism. To name a few. Batten down the hatches as President Barack Obama delivers the State of the Union address Tuesday night and Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn delivers the State of the State address on Wednesday. But are faced with the daunting, nay, the overwhelming task of trying to charm us into believing... Read more »

Michelle Obama's show how to get rid of a heckler: Get in her face

She did it at a fundraiser with a lesbian activist started heckling her. Mrs. Obama went into the audience and when nose to nose with her. Hurray for the first lady. Here’s the story. Order my new historical novel, Madness: The War of 1812, from Amazon  To subscribe to the Barbershop, type your email address in the... Read more »

Chicago casino idea folds

The old Michael Reese Hospital won’t be the site of a casino because Daley objects. Does he have his own plan for the site? It didn’t take long for the backers of a casino on what would have been the site of the Olympic Village to fold their cards. Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley is... Read more »

Chicago's 1992 World's Fair

Chicago won the 1992 World’s Fair, but because of local political bickering, it went to Seville, Spain instead. Pictured is Seville’s Puente del Alamillo at night, designed by Santiago Calatrava in 1992. Chicago three times won global competitions to host a world’s fair. Once for the 1892 World’s Columbian Exposition (the White City), once for... Read more »

What Americans think about the 2016 Olympics in Chicago

Americans are evenly divided on the importance of Chicago winning the 2016 Olympics while 43 percent think it’s a bad idea for President Obama to go to Copenhagen to make pitch for the city. Whether Obama should travel there to support Chicago’s 2016 Olympic bid has been batted back and forth even in the White... Read more »

The Olympics skinny

Here’s some good background on the upcoming Olympic selection events in Copenhagen. How do you think that  Copenhagen’s Lord Mayor Ritt Bjerregaard (right) will get along with our Lord Mayor Richie Daley? In this Associated Press photo, she is seen attending the eco-premiere of the environmental documentary “The Age Of Stupid” during climate week on... Read more »

Brazil: We need Olympics more than Chicago

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva Brazil’s President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silvasays plays the “poor us” card in a last-ditch pitch forthe 2016 Olympics. No country needs it more, he said, referring presumably to the country’s third-world status. Don’t worry about crime or the lack of hotel rooms, he said, two of the biggest objections... Read more »

Obama stiffs Chicago

Obama to Daley: You’re on your own, Richie Alas, President Barack Obama has decided that he wouldn’t do Chicago’s bidding by personally going to  Copenhagen to lobby for the city on the eve of the final decision about who gets the 2016 Olympics. A high Olympic official earlier said Obama’s absence would be noted (not... Read more »

King Daley, Queen Oprah and Olympic jousting

What a perfect metaphor for Chicago: thousands of Oprah fans sheepishly Chicagoans flock to pay obeisance to Daley and Oprah corralled into their Michigan Avenue pens, fighting their full bladders for hours in the sun and, finally, gyrating and bowing in unison as if they were worshiping at the altar of a pagan god. It... Read more »
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