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Obama: "Sony made a mistake." How to Respond to Cyber Attacks?

Well there you have it. Obama states that Sony “made a mistake” by not releasing a the movie, “The Interview.” Good for him. What’s more, he said we would respond. Again, great to hear. Looks like the president understands to some degree the gravity of this situation. Now the question comes, how do we respond?... Read more »

Let's retire 'boots on the ground'

The expression has become a meaningless, simple-minded and insulting cliche. Yet, it keeps showing up with increasing and aggravating frequency in the language of politicians, partisans and news readers. Every ounce of meaning has been squeezed out of it by usage that has become so widespread and undefined that it is no longer of any... Read more »

More hot air from the discredited Barack Obama about beheaded American journalist James Foley

Maybe President Barack Obama in his nationally televised statement that ended a few minutes ago didn’t want to disclose what he plans to do to carry out his threats to  ”do what is necessary to see that justice is done” regarding the death of American journalist Jim Foley because he doesn’t want the enemy to know... Read more »

Chicago must keep dog tag exhibit honoring men and women killed in Vietnam

For years, Chicago’s National Veterans Art Museum proudly hosted one of the most stirring art exhibits honoring the 58,000 men and women killed in the Vietnam War. Called “Above and Beyond,” the sculpture featured 58,000 stainless steel wires, each holding a dog tag stamped with the name of the service member who died during the... Read more »

On Veterans Day: A non-combat veteran salutes combat veterans

On this Veterans Day, this non-combat veteran wants to salute those veterans who served in combat. Knowledgeable military veterans know that most of us who served did not actually come under fire. Luck of the draw for some of us; successful strategic planning by others. So many of us who served never fired in anger... Read more »

Applaud Obama for reasserting America's moral leadership in the Syrian chemical attack

Whatever President Barack Obama’s threat of U.S. military retaliation for the chemical weapons attack on Syrian citizens has accomplished, it reasserted America’s moral leadership. However badly Obama handled the run-up to Syrian President Bashar Assad’s suspected gassing that killed some 1,400, including hundreds of children, it’s clear that without Obama’s missile rattling, Assad would have... Read more »

National Veteran’s Art Museum in Chicago dog tag exhibit

UPDATE: Chicago must keep dog tag exhibit honoring men and women killed in Vietnam (Read more here.) Update on Nov. 11, 2013: On Veterans Day: A non-combat veteran salutes combat veterans. Go here This arrived in my email. A good reminder for the Fourth of July. The National Veteran’s Art Museum in Chicago has an unusual work... Read more »

Thank you, Rotary, for your interest in my book

There is much to thank Rotary International for–its campaign to eradicate polio worldwide and its “shelter box” aide for regions struck by natural disaster, such as the earthquake in Haiti, among others. But here’s a more personal thanks: I just completed another presentation and signing of my new historical novel, Madness: The War of 1812... Read more »

Would President Obama launch a drone attack on U.S. soil?

Who would have thought that within President Barack Obama beats the heart of a civil rights antediluvian? Could Obama, beloved of the American Civil Liberties Union, be guilty of harboring thoughts of calling down a fatal drone attack on an American citizen on U.S. soil without benefit of trial? I never heard him say so.... Read more »

General asks: Where was Obama during Benghazi attack?

This is becoming an increasingly important issue for President Barack “Golf” Obama. Here is one general wanting some answers to the “where the hell was he?” question in real time during the Benghazi attack Following the Senate committee hearingswith Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey, and Secretary... Read more »
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