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Are the media in Hillary Clinton's pocket

A debate about whether the media are biased in favor of Clinton and left-wing causes: Having spent decades working in a newspaper newsroom, I believe there is a left-wing bias in news judgment, about what to report, where to place the story and so forth. Many reporters who exhibit this bias, unfortunately, deny it exists.... Read more »

John Oliver's sterling defense of newspapers

This video (below)  is making the rounds in journalism circles and prompting much discussion.  John Oliver is explaining why newspapers are in trouble throughout the country, but why they’re so important. For one thing, the rest of the media (TV, radio, digital, aggregators and, yes, bloggers) wouldn’t have much to talk about without newspapers. Oliveer... Read more »

Good riddance, Roger Ailes

As the accusations of sexual harassment against Fox News chief Roger Ailes pile up, the reasons for his dismissal multiply. The alleged groping, and a boss’s threats  to destroy an employee’s career if she doesn’t flop into bed with him–all are not to be tolerated. Besides, who would want to do the deed with this... Read more »

If you're reading newspapers, you're probably an old person

Reading newspapers is a habit from the past. You could ride the CTA or the Metra predecessor commuter trains and everyone was buried in a newspaper. Hard to imagine these days. Now, readers are abandoning newspapers even faster at an “alarming” rate, reports The 13th annual Pew Research State of the News Media Report... Read more »

CNBC's stock analyst Jim Cramer rips Tribune Publishing's Michael Ferro in Gannett take-over battle

CNBC’s “Mad Money” host Jim Cramer ripped Tribune Publishing’s boss Michael Ferro a new one for rebuffing Gannett’s generous (really generous) bid to buy Tribune Publishing, which owns the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times and other newspapers. Cramer, who never hesitates to add boneheaded corporate owners and bosses to his “wall of shame” goes... Read more »

How about a moment of silence for our Chicago Tribune colleagues

Now comes the news that Gannet, the owner of USA TODAY and 100 others properties is readying a hostile $815 million bid for Tribune Publishing. Gannet is known for staff reductions–to put it mildly. The Tribune already has had several waves of early buyouts and other staff pruning, but if Gannet succeeds (in its very generous offer... Read more »

Did racism or NFL clout torch Will Smith's rightful Oscar for his role in Concussion?

I still can’t believe that Will Smith didn’t win an Oscar for best actor for his role in the Concussion. When I left the theater with my wife after seeing the movie I said that Will Smith had certainly nailed an Oscar. So, I was amazed and disappointed when he wasn’t even nominated. I wondered,... Read more »

Will Tribune Publishing continue its acquisition strategy?

That seems the direction that Tribune Publishing, owner of the Chicago Tribune, Lost Angeles Times and a group of other papers,  according to a Crain’s Chicago Business article. Wrote Lynne Marek, in “The best barometer of what Trib’s new chairman, Ferro, is up to”: Justin Dearborn, the new CEO at Tribune Publishing, is likely to drive... Read more »

Sticking with the Chicago Sun-Times through thin and thin

Tom McNamee, editorial page editor of Chicago Sun-Times, is someone I truly admire. He has stuck it out through thin and thin as wave after wave of owners, publishers and editors have pummeled the many talented and energetic people who have courageously kept the city’s second paper alive. Without them, there would be no Chicago... Read more »

Stunning news: Michael Ferro, majority owner of Sun-Times, now majority owner of Tribune

How did this happen? And what are the implications for Chicago newspaper readers and staffs? Whoever thought that the Chicago Sun-Times’ shadow would fall across Michigan Ave. and land on the Chicago Tribune? If anything, it seemed more likely that the opposite would happen, especially with the sale of the Sun-Times suburban newspapers to the... Read more »
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