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This fool was thinking of buying Illinois bonds

Asked B.V. from Port Richey, Fla.: I’m thinking of buying $50,000 of high-yield Illinois municipals where I can get 8% to 10%. How could Illinois’ deficit become so large?… What do you think? The question was submitted to financial advisor Malcolm Berko at Berko’s answer, “Illinois Municipals Are Loaded With Risk” was informative and insightful.... Read more »

2 Illinois abortion bills are wildly extreme

It takes guts, I’ll say that for sponsors of two bills in the Illinois Legislature that go so far beyond what the public wants that they’re beyond extreme. As this fine op-ed in today’s Chicago Tribune notes: According to a Gallup poll released in June 2018, only 28 percent of people support abortion in the... Read more »

Illinois Gov. Pritzker's tax increase will only lead to yet another one

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s skeletal plan for a tax increase is so flawed that it will induce demands for even more higher taxes, according to an analysis by the Illinois Policy Institute. The problem is Pritzker’s budget is based overly optimistic and unreasonable projections for the state’s growth. The analysis discovers: When employing one of the... Read more »

More bad news for the state of Illinois

Reports Crain’s Chicago Business: “College Illinois bailout now tops $500 million” That’s the fund, established years ago, to allow parents to pre-pay for their kids’ college education in Illinois schools. Not surprisingly, the politicians fiddled away the money. Now parents who put their savings into the fund are in danger of being stiffed. Illinois taxpayers... Read more »

Pretend Illinois finances are just ducky and the problem is solved

As the Democratic-control state of Illinois is nearly over its head in the financial quicksand, you’ll be glad to know that the Legislature will consider making penicillium the official state microbe. Dan McCaleb,of the Illinois News Network also notes other pressing issues that also are getting immediate attention, such as making SKI citrus soda the state’s official soft drink. Phew.... Read more »

A quick summary of some new taxes proposed for Illinois

Taxpayers United of America reports: After months of publicizing an increase in the Illinois gas tax, tax raisers have formally announced their ambitions. SB 102 proposed by State Sen. Martin Sandoval (D-11) would double the motor fuel tax from $.19 per gallon to $.38 per gallon. Additionally, Sandoval’s bill would increase thepassenger vehicle registration fee... Read more »

Pritzker's budget: sweet dreams

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s inaugural budget dreams that the state is taking the first steps towards fiscal solvency. In fact, Pritzker’s budget is a wide-awake nightmare, one that hallucinates that continuing the freakish policies that plummeted Illinois into its current financial crisis will save the state. And not make anything worse. Elizabeth Bauer, writing in Forbes, correctly... Read more »

Illinois Democrats introduce unpopular abortion expansion bill

Illinois Democrats will argue that their legislation to “expand” abortion “rights” merely reflects the popular sentiment to “protect women’s health.” But the radical pair of newly introduced bills is popular only with hard-line advocates who favor an abortion not just up to the moment of birth, but also as late as when the baby has entered... Read more »

Pritzker joins other financially hurting states as part of the U.S. Climate Alliance

One of Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s first acts was to sign up with 14 other states pledging to commit to the Paris Climate Alliance, to the cheers of global warming alarmists. Why? To ask the question is to answer it. “Bill’s Blog” in Truth in Accounting observes: Taking a look at the list of those... Read more »

Dems in control; same old, same old

Well, it didn’t take long. Before echoes of a New-Day-is-Coming died down, Democrats in Chicago and Illinois were back to pulling the same old stunts. In Springfield, J.B. Pritzker rambled on and on in his inauguration speech about, gee, “better roads, better schools, better wages” and “fearless ideas.” But he ignored the biggest issue–pensions. Not a word. ... Read more »
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