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Illinois Democrats introduce unpopular abortion expansion bill

Illinois Democrats will argue that their legislation to “expand” abortion “rights” merely reflects the popular sentiment to “protect women’s health.” But the radical pair of newly introduced bills is popular only with hard-line advocates who favor an abortion not just up to the moment of birth, but also as late as when the baby has entered... Read more »

Pritzker joins other financially hurting states as part of the U.S. Climate Alliance

One of Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s first acts was to sign up with 14 other states pledging to commit to the Paris Climate Alliance, to the cheers of global warming alarmists. Why? To ask the question is to answer it. “Bill’s Blog” in Truth in Accounting observes: Taking a look at the list of those... Read more »

Dems in control; same old, same old

Well, it didn’t take long. Before echoes of a New-Day-is-Coming died down, Democrats in Chicago and Illinois were back to pulling the same old stunts. In Springfield, J.B. Pritzker rambled on and on in his inauguration speech about, gee, “better roads, better schools, better wages” and “fearless ideas.” But he ignored the biggest issue–pensions. Not a word. ... Read more »

Oh sure, Pritzker, Madigan and Democrats will fix Illinois

Monday’s inauguration of J. B. Pritzker as Illinois’ governor is, according to his Democrats, a refreshing spring shower that will extinguish the state’s raging fiscal inferno. So pardon me for pointing out that the blaze is so out of control that it will take more than the new Democratic supermajority in the Legislature, a Democratic governor... Read more »

Bleep 'My way or the highway'

Please. Stop. This idiom is for idiots. The politicians who have accused an opponent of engaging in “My way the highway” rhetoric are picking a scab. They persuade only the simpleminded. They only expose their  shallowness. The idiom shows up almost a million times in a Google search. Politicians in both Springfield–Illinois’ state capital–and Washington D.C. use it... Read more »

Mike Madigan's laughable video

Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan wasn’t satisfied with just crushing his Republican opponents in the election. He took the unusual and mysterious step of making a video aired on Illinois commercial TV stations informing everyone how nasty the GOP is and that, “In the fights that lie ahead, Democrats are on your side.” What fights? Iron... Read more »

Rauner goes, Madigan stays, Illinois' problems worsen

Over the next five days, J.B. Pritzker becomes the 43rd governor of Illinois, succeeding Bruce Rauner. Michael Madigan gets re-elected by his flock to yet another term as Speaker of the House. And Illinois will circle the drain. Heading toward the darkness below, even faster than before. Put aside the absurd speculation that with the new dawn, Pritzker and Madigan... Read more »

Rep. Stephanie Kifowit's death wish for GOP lawmaker's family is Trump's fault

You knew it was coming. Someone was certain to blame President Donald Trump for the swill that came out of Rep. Stephanie Kifowit’s mouth. Kifowit, a Democrat from Downstate Oswego, said this about Rep. Peter Breen of Lombard, who asked reasonable questions about a bill that Kifowit sponsored: I would like to make him a broth of Legionella... Read more »

Why the Illinois GOP got shellacked

To borrow from former President Barack Obama, who once said his own party got shellacked by Republicans, Illinois Democrats ripped the faltering Illinois Republican Party a new one in Tuesday’s midterm elections. How did that happen? Blame the Republicans themselves for their ineptitude. Illinois GOP leaders need to find themselves some new political advisors; the ones now... Read more »

Will Pritzker and Madigan have an "epic battle" over control of the Illinois Democrat Party?

Here’s someone who thinks they will: The future of Illinois under J.B. Pritzker  SPRINGFIELD (Nov. 6, 2018) — The most expensive gubernatorial race in the nation comes to a close as J.B. Pritzker is elected governor of Illinois. Illinois Policy Institute CEO John Tillman released the following statement: “J.B. Pritzker’s victory sets the stage for an... Read more »
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