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Democratic lawmakers want to jump in line ahead of children, the sick and impoverished

There’s no shame among Illinois Democratic lawmakers, who think they have a right to jump in line ahead of those most in need–children, the sick and impoverished. As departing Republican Illinois Comptroller Leslie Geisser Munge points out, Democrats have sued to get their paycheck before those more deserving. Late this morning, on the last day of my... Read more »

Madigan's money machine: Illinois property taxes

From the Illinois Policy Institute: As the nation’s highest property taxes crush Illinois homeowners, voters deserve to know Madigan’s cut of the property-tax appeals racket. Read why Americans need to learn about the nation’s most ignored war. Find out what freelance editorial services I can provide for you.  

The Democratic Machine Still Churns in Illinois

This article appeared in the Weekly Standard (Subscription required.) While half of American voters have stomped through the Garden of Progressive Delights, Illinois is ever more shackled by insider deal-making, special interests of the liberal kind, and an autocratic Democratic machine. Case in point: As if organized labor hasn’t wrung enough out of the nearly broke... Read more »

A couple of Democrats ask Speaker Madigan, 'Where 's the beef?'

This should come as no surprise to people who are fed up with Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan’s relentless and compulsive drive to gather power unto himself. A couple of liberal Chicago Democrats are asking Madigan to come up with a plan that involves “just more than saying no to [Gov. Bruce] Rauner. Rich Miller interviews... Read more »

Almost everyone who got my vote lost, but let's move on

Call it the Byrne curse, but practically every candidate who got my vote in this 2016 election lost. I couldn’t bring myself to vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, but the guy I wrote in for president didn’t even show up in the results. Meanwhile, all but one (non-judicial) candidate running for office in... Read more »

I just voted and I feel dirty

I’m wearing my “I voted” sticker, but I feel like I just crawled out of a mud bath. It’s not just the presidential race, in which the two major parties have given us a choice between the most despicable candidates in my lifetime. (Usually, it’s just one or the other that stinks.) But it’s also my... Read more »

Tammy Duckworth is Rahm Emanuel's handmaiden

Missing from most of the coverage of the race to represent Illinois in the U.S. Senate is the history of Duckworth’s rise to her exulted position as the Democratic party’s candidate. No, I don’t mean her past cushy and questionable jobs in the Illinois and federal veterans administration. It is the fact that she was and... Read more »

Your write-in vote for president might not count

You should be aware that if you plan, as I do, to write-in your candidate preference for president or any office, it might not count in Illinois. That’s right, if you plan to write in, say Bernie Sanders or Paul Ryan, for president, it won’t be counted in Illinois. And if you plan to write in... Read more »

This oughta be good: Illinois Policy Institute's documentary on House Speaker Mike Madigan

It’s about time that someone did a documentary on Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan, the pilot who drove the state of Illinois into a mountain. Now, the Illinois Policy Institute has done it. Check out this trailer: As the Institute notes: Illinois is one of only 14 states without term limits and this documentary highlights... Read more »

Get out your checkbook; you owe Illinois $45,500

That’s what every person in Illinois would have to cough up if the state were to pay off its unfunded debt of $186.9 billion. Don’t worry though, the state of Illinois will not and cannot pay its unfunded debt. The state’s politicians–run by Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan–have made permanent indebtedness a part of the state’s... Read more »
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