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J.B. Pritzker' deadly dose for Illinois' economy

Not just what the doctor ordered to fix Illinois economy, stem the fight of residents and businesses out of state, and solve the systemic  problems with the state’s spending. If anything it will make it all worse, terribly so. Democrat gubernatorial candidate J.B. Pritzker has cowardly, insultingly and dangerously refused to say exactly how much higher... Read more »

A list of Illinois employees and companies that benefited from the GOP tax cuts

The left has been endlessly arguing that the GOP federal tax cuts are hurting the middle class and Americans in general. To balance things out, here’s a list, created by a right-wing group, of employees and companies in Illinois have benefited from the tax cuts. It’s a long list.

Illinois debt now is worse than during the Depression

How much worse can it get? Democrats, led by House Speaker Michael Madigan, have brought the Great Depression back to Illinois. Now Democrat gubernatorial nominee J. B. Pritzker wants to make it worse. Read it and weep from the Illinois News Network. My historical novel: Madness: The War of 1812 Here’s how to subscribe... Read more »

House Speaker Mike Madigan, a saint for sure

“As a leader in this state, I know we all have a responsibility to create a better Illinois for everyone.”–Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan in a Tribune op-ed crowing about all his has done to protect women. Bull shit. As a thoroughly bought handmaid of public employee unions and other left-wing special interests, Michael Madigan... Read more »

A new measure of Illinois' economic sickness

Study after study, ranking after ranking, by whatever measure you use, Illinois is a disaster. Although Democrats who mostly created this mess won’t acknowledge it. The new measure–“New Hampshire’s “Economic Advantage” index – what does it tell Illinois?”–provided by Truth in Accounting shows that Illinois is at a huge disadvantage compared with its neighboring states. What does the... Read more »

End the Madigan gerrymandering of Illinois legislative districts

Democrats around the country are hyperventilating about how Republicans have gerrymandered so many districts in many states that the GOP is unfairly winning elections. Yet when it comes to how House Speaker Mike Madigan and his Democratic lickspittles have apportioned Illinois legislative districts, they say not a word. So, the good news is that Change Illinois has... Read more »

$1 out of $3 Illinois income tax dollars is paid out to retired educators

Hard to believe, but that’s what Adam Andrzejewski, disclosed in Forbes magazine. We thank the teachers for their service and wish them a long, healthy and wealthy retirement. But something has to be done to save the state of Illinois. Wrote Andrzejewski: llinois teachers are starting their three-month summer break. But when it comes to teacher salaries,... Read more »

Why other states should bail out near-bankrupt Illinois

I think the idea is nonsense, but perhaps as a indication of what Illinois’ Democrats will try to do to save Illinois from going over the cliff, I present the liberal argument why the rest of America should  bail out Connecticut, in the throes of its own financial crisis: If Rich States Need Federal Help, Remember... Read more »

Wait. What? Illinois' unfunded pension obligation is >$200 billion, NOT $140 billion?

This hasn’t received much attention, but it’s big, important news that Illinois’ unfunded government pensions amount to at least $200 billion, instead of the $140 billion that’s usually cited. I say “at least” because the $200 billion figure calculated by Moody’s Investors Service is for 2016, about two years old. What it amounts to now is... Read more »

Don't count out Illinois public employee unions just yet

Widespread speculation predicts that the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in  Janus v. AFSCME will change America’s political landscape, especially in Illinois, the bluest of blue states where public employee unions have driven the state into near bankruptcy. By giving employees in such unions as the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, Council 31 in... Read more »
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