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Chicago needs another Patrick Fitzgerald to be its U.S. Attorney

With President Donald Trump now having the opportunity to appoint dozens of new federal prosecutors, he should name someone with the integrity and skill of Patrick Fitzgerald as U.S. Attorney for Northern Illinois. Fitzgerald as U.S. Attorney ran through Chicago and Illinois political corruption like shit through a goose. Among his most notable indictments were of former Republican Gov. George... Read more »

Firefighter also running for village board in Glenview

After writing last week about a fire fighter running for the village board in Northbrook, my attention was drawn to another fire fighter running for the village board in neighboring Glenview. What’s going on in the north suburbs that’s prompting fire fighters to take advantage of a loophole in Illinois law that allows fire fighters–and fire fighters... Read more »

Why are firefighters the only Illinois public employees who are allowed to sit on village boards?

UPDATE: Fire fighter also running for village board in neighboring Glenview. Illinois law gives public employees the right to run for public office. But if they are elected, they must  give up their government job, so that they don’t end up on a board that sets their own salaries. As it should be. Except that the... Read more »

What about private sector employees who don't have a retirement plan

More than half of nongovernment workers have no access to a retirement savings plan through their employers, according to AARP. In Illinois, 2,317,653 non-government employees don’t have a plan. And Social Security alone is not enough to meet retirees’ needs. So, what is to be done? Some states, including Illinois, are looking to do something about it. “Governing,”... Read more »

How to balance Illinois' budget without a tax increase

Yes, it can be done, according to the Illinois Policy Institute, a free-market think tank. Some people will dismiss the idea out of hand because it has a conservative viewpoint. But give it a chance by going here.

Mike Madigan's little-known powers as Illinois House Speaker

Is there any other House Speaker in any other state with such dictatorial powers? Read Madigan’s rules: How Illinois gives its House speaker power to manipulate and control the legislative process from the Illinois Policy Institute. Read why Americans need to learn about the nation’s most ignored war. Find out what freelance editorial services I can provide for you.

Illinois, the incredibly shrinking state

Imagine if everyone in Peoria pick up and moved out of the state. Leaving no one behind. That would equal the number of people who fled Illinois in a year. Or if Illinois has lost the equivalent of the entire population of the state’s ten largest cities outside of Chicago: Gone are Aurora, Rockford, Joliet, Naperville, Springfield,... Read more »

Many states are cutting their budgets, but not Illinois

Truth is, Illinois doesn’t have a legitimate, full-year budget to cut. But 19 other states are taking mid-year budget cuts because its prudent–a word that isn’t in the Illinois Madigan Democrats vocabulary. Reports the National Association of State Budget Officers: Nineteen states reported net mid-year budget reductions in fiscal 2016, a historically high number outside of a recessionary... Read more »

Democratic lawmakers want to jump in line ahead of children, the sick and impoverished

There’s no shame among Illinois Democratic lawmakers, who think they have a right to jump in line ahead of those most in need–children, the sick and impoverished. As departing Republican Illinois Comptroller Leslie Geisser Munge points out, Democrats have sued to get their paycheck before those more deserving. Late this morning, on the last day of my... Read more »

Madigan's money machine: Illinois property taxes

From the Illinois Policy Institute: As the nation’s highest property taxes crush Illinois homeowners, voters deserve to know Madigan’s cut of the property-tax appeals racket. Read why Americans need to learn about the nation’s most ignored war. Find out what freelance editorial services I can provide for you.  
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