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What's wrong with giving the remains of aborted fetuses the respect they deserve?

Plenty, if you are a pro-choice fanatic like Wendy Davis. She is upset that Texas, beginning Dec. 19, will require a dignified burial of aborted babies’ bodies. The New York Times reported on the new regulations, implementing a new law: Texas approved new rules this week requiring health care facilities that perform abortions to bury... Read more »

Ald. Joe Moore gives the green light in his 49th ward to potheads

Ald. Joe Moore has approved a medical marijuana dispensary for his liberal, lakefront 49th ward. He announced in an email: I accept the 49th Wards (sic) Zoning and Land Use Advisory Committee’s recommendation that I support the proposed medical marijuana dispensary. The proposed dispensary will perform a vital service and provide much-needed relief to Rogers Park residents... Read more »

Planned Parenthood admits that abortions ARE risky

Wait a minute, haven’t Planned Parenthood and other abortion industry echo chambers assured us that abortions are safe, very safe indeed? They say: Not to worry, you’ll have no regrets. Abortion clinics should not be required to conform to health and safety regulations imposed on other medical clinics and procedures because abortions are oh-so safe.... Read more »

Chicago engages in a cover-up of how abortion clinics may endanger women's health

The Thomas More Society and the Pro-Life Action League have  been trying for some time now to pry loose from the city of Chicago statistics about how  paramedics had to be summoned to rush women from a Chicago abortion clinic to hospital emergency rooms. Those numbers are critical because they might challenge the abortion industry’s... Read more »

Worried about E. coli on your shopping cart? Then bring your own #%!^& sanitizing wipes to the store

Sigh. The latest research shows that “70 percent of shopping carts in Chicago have traces of E. coli, but not all stores offer sanitizing wipes,” the Chicago Tribune reports. Alarmed by this news, the newspaper tracked down grocery and drug stores to find out if they are “doing something” In this case, providing sanitized wipes... Read more »

Ground-breaking journalism in the Chicago Tribune

Anyone who says that newspapers are dead or dying, or not as good as they used to be, ought to check out the Chicago Tribune’s front-page story, “Dangerous doses: Data mining for deadly drug combinations.” To my knowledge, this may be the first significant newspaper/science collaboration of its kind. It spotlights some dangerous drug combinations... Read more »

Notorious Albany abortion clinic in Chicago closes

UPDATE: Read about how the Chicago media buried this story here. That’s according to the Pro-Life Action League, which for years has been fighting to hold the Albany Medical-Surgical Center Family Planning Associates abortion clinic accountable for its safety violations. Such unsafe conditions, the League has argued, resulted in the deaths of four women. The... Read more »

Actually, the world is getting better

Nicholas Kristof has an interesting column in the New York Times that I recommend. In it he cites statistics that show that the world is getting better, and not circling the drain as so many Americans belief. He wrote: We journalists are a bit like vultures, feasting on war, scandal and disaster. Turn on the... Read more »

Pro-choice forces push anti-conscience abortion bill through Illinois legislature

As if we weren’t looking, pro-choice forces this week are pushing an anti-conscience abortion bill through the Illinois Legislature. Illinois Senate Bill 1564, which rewrites the Health Care Right of Conscience Act, is designed to cripple or shut down  pregnancy resource centers, such as Aid for Women and the Women’s Center, that offer women alternatives to... Read more »

The war on milk

I didn’t realize there was a war on milk until the war-on-milk proclamation arrived in my email. Thankfully, I can now arm myself with arguments listing why you should stop drinking milk–including all of its dairy products such as ice cream, cheese, sour cream and yogurt. I’m not talking here only about people who are... Read more »
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