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Pro-choice forces push anti-conscience abortion bill through Illinois legislature

As if we weren’t looking, pro-choice forces this week are pushing an anti-conscience abortion bill through the Illinois Legislature. Illinois Senate Bill 1564, which rewrites the Health Care Right of Conscience Act, is designed to cripple or shut down  pregnancy resource centers, such as Aid for Women and the Women’s Center, that offer women alternatives to... Read more »

The war on milk

I didn’t realize there was a war on milk until the war-on-milk proclamation arrived in my email. Thankfully, I can now arm myself with arguments listing why you should stop drinking milk–including all of its dairy products such as ice cream, cheese, sour cream and yogurt. I’m not talking here only about people who are... Read more »

Marijuana anti-science nonsense

It was breathtaking to read that: And most illegal drugs are less impairing than alcohol, which is not tested for by employers, as the National Academy of Science has noted. If anything, the academy concluded from lab studies, moderate doses of stimulants and cocaine had “slight performance-enhancing effects.” The use of certain drugs may not... Read more »

When it comes to measles, liberals also can be anti-science wackos

With the recent outbreak of measles, we’ve heard more than enough of  left-wing ideologues blaming ”wacko anti-science” conservatives. Just like they reject the “settled science” of global warming, these  so-called right-wing nuts are the ones that are causing the measles outbreak  because they are “anti-science.” But when it comes to measles, liberals also can be anti-science wackos.... Read more »

We're a nation of addicts

If we weren’t such a nation of addicts, maybe hordes of drug smugglers wouldn’t crash our borders to feed our habit. Maybe drug cartels wouldn’t terrorize Mexico and Central America — our gift to our southern neighbors. Maybe drunks wouldn’t kill so many on our highways, or our health-care system wouldn’t be so overwhelmed and... Read more »

Another Moutza nominee: Bike riding Maine Ebola nurse Kaci Hickox

In his always much-anticipated monthly Moutza awards for the biggest, ahem, jerks, Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass gave the Grand Moutza of  October Award to NBC TV news doctor, Dr. Nancy “Soups” Snyderman who wandered off to get some soup when she was supposed to be home in confinement to spare anyone else from possible infection... Read more »

Why must Ebola 'protocols' be the same everywhere?

I don’t get it; the calls to “standardize” the procedures for stop the spread of Ebola are heating up. But why? Political opportunism, I suspect, on the part of some. The confusing policies of the Obama administration (yes, they are confusing) present his critics another reason to excoriate President Barack Obama for his lack of... Read more »

Anti-science progressives outted by Ebola

The Ebola outbreak reminds me of a dark time in American history when a politically inspired, “anti-science” rash broke out and infected the nation. It was during the 1980s and 1990s when the nation’s public health establishment was struggling to halt the catastrophic spread of HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. I say “anti-science” because... Read more »

Lay off the Ebola nurses Amber Vinson and Nina Pham

Ain’t it wonderful how, overnight, we’ve all become experts in public health? Hindsight and second, third and fourth vision. Coulda, woulda, shoulda. The worst of all the second guessing was initially directed at the two nurses, Amber Vinson and Nina Pham who became infected with Ebola while treating Thomas Eric Duncan, so far the only person in the United States... Read more »

Shameless Jesse Jackson turns Thomas Duncan's Ebola death into political and class war

As quoted by CNN, regarding the death from Ebola of Thomas Eric Duncan: The Rev. Jesse Jackson, who’s serving as a spokesman for the family, said that was a concern. “I would tend to think that those who do not have insurance, those who do not have Medicaid, do not have the same priorities as... Read more »
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