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"Marijuana Is More Dangerous Than You Think"

Alex Berenson,  a former New York Times reporter, wrote a Wall Street Journal op-ed that is adopted from his new book, Tell Your Children: The Truth About Marijuana, Mental Illness and Violence.” He writes: As legalization spreads, more Americans are becoming heavy users of cannabis, despite its links to violence and mental illness…. Over the... Read more »

If smoking e-cigs is bad, why is smoking weed good?

Because I’m an old white guy who doesn’t get it, maybe someone can explain why we’re rushing to legalize the smoking of “recreational” marijuana at the same time that we’re cracking down on smoking e-cigarets. I thought that filling your lungs with smoke, no matter what kind (e.g. from burning autumn leafs to toxic particle... Read more »

Sarah Palin was right about death panels

Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin sent liberal heads spinning with the charge that Obamacare paved the way for “death panels” deciding who was worth the cost of keeping alive. Yet, she was right. Maybe not Obamacare, but about her larger point that government should not be in the business of deciding who was... Read more »

A vote against Presence Health was a vote against African American women's health care

Before the final 31-18 vote Wednesday in which the Chicago City Council approved a $5.6 million tax subsidy for Presence Health a  to help pay for its downtown corporate headquarters, its opponents ripped it as a unforgivable assault on women’s health. Even though as part of the deal Presence would open desperately needed health clinics in four African... Read more »

How to rid the world of Down syndrome

The answer: Abort Down Syndrome babies that are prenatally diagnosed with the condition. That should do it, as a study reveals that aborting them has reduced a  Down Syndrome “community” by 30 percent.  Orwell, who was pro-life, would have had a field day with the idea of ridding the world of a genetic disorder by ridding the world of... Read more »

The bio-chemistry of sex, love, gender differences and abortion

I learned stuff about the bio-chemistry of sex, love and gender differences that never ever occurred to me from Vicki Thorn.  Who’s that? From a press release from her recent appearance here: Thorn is an Adjunct Assistant Professor of Psychology at the John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage & Family at the Catholic University... Read more »

Hearing impaired people, arise!

Gail Richard said it all, for me anyway, in a Chicago Tribune op-ed titled, “Dining out may be bad for your ears.” I’m deaf in one ear. When I dine out, I prefer to be seated with that ear against the window or wall and my good ear aimed toward my companions. But at especially... Read more »

Charlie Gard gets a reprieve from his death sentence

British bureaucrats, judges, doctors and ideologues had decided that infant Charlie Gard should die. Never mind that his parents–his parents!–decided that he should live. A British court had figuratively snatched Charlie from the arms of his parents, Connie Yates and Chris Gard, because a panel of so-called experts has decided that he should be taken off... Read more »

What's wrong with giving the remains of aborted fetuses the respect they deserve?

Plenty, if you are a pro-choice fanatic like Wendy Davis. She is upset that Texas, beginning Dec. 19, will require a dignified burial of aborted babies’ bodies. The New York Times reported on the new regulations, implementing a new law: Texas approved new rules this week requiring health care facilities that perform abortions to bury... Read more »

Ald. Joe Moore gives the green light in his 49th ward to potheads

Ald. Joe Moore has approved a medical marijuana dispensary for his liberal, lakefront 49th ward. He announced in an email: I accept the 49th Wards (sic) Zoning and Land Use Advisory Committee’s recommendation that I support the proposed medical marijuana dispensary. The proposed dispensary will perform a vital service and provide much-needed relief to Rogers Park residents... Read more »
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