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Obama: "Sony made a mistake." How to Respond to Cyber Attacks?

Well there you have it. Obama states that Sony “made a mistake” by not releasing a the movie, “The Interview.” Good for him. What’s more, he said we would respond. Again, great to hear. Looks like the president understands to some degree the gravity of this situation. Now the question comes, how do we respond?... Read more »

Religious and pro-life groups also harassed by IRS

The popular impression is that President Barack Obama’s Internal Revenue Service harassed only tea party and patriot-like groups seeking tax-exempt status. If it were only so. Allegations of IRS harassment of pro-life and religious groups reach as far back as Obama’s early administration and extend beyond the agency’s Cincinnati office, which is the focus of... Read more »

Full frontal nudity could be the future of network TV

The Federal Communications Commission in considering relaxing its rules on indecency on over-the-air, commercial television stations. Said an FCC circular: After the Supreme Court’s decision [here and here] in FCC v. Fox Television Stations , Inc., 132 S.Ct. 2307 (2012), in September 2012, Chairman Genachowski instructed Commission staff to commence a review of the Commission’s broadcast indecency policies... Read more »

A look into the mind of Kim Jong Loon

We don’t know much about Kim Jong Unatic, not even his birthday, which for some goofy is a state secret. Maybe he was hatched, and they don’t anyone to know. The secrecy, of course, deprives astrologers from telling us if his fate is to end up as a grease spot, courtesy of the Navy’s new... Read more »

Feds reprimand flatulent worker

Man’s gas blamed for creating “intolerable” workplace. Social Security Administration accuses him of “conduct unbecoming a federal officer.” A sign of things to come?

FEMA didn't do that

Thank FEMA for a lot of help, but just in case someone things that everything rescue flows through that government agency, here’s just one example of people getting together to help people–without encouragement or direction of the government.

Obama's "Trickle-down government" says it all

I hadn’t heard the expression before, but Gov. Mitt Romney nailed it when he said President Barack Obama believes  in “trickle-down government.”  (Here, here and here.) That’s an unforgettable line from tonight’s debate between the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates. All wisdom trickles down from Washington. “Experts’” views  and policies trickle down to we peons. It’s a wonderful... Read more »

Hateful atheist billboards target Christians and Mormons

Democrats at their national convention in Charlotte, N.C., will be able to feast their eyes on nasty billboards posted by American Atheists ridiculing Christians and Mormons. In a press release posted on the group’s website, the group said that today it unveiled the organization’s newest billboard campaign, which exposes the foolishness of religion in the... Read more »

Leave 'em the hell alone!

The Government wants the mentally ill out, even though they don’t want to go. The Government has decided that mentally ill people are better off living in the “community,” a utopian place that ideologues have successfully imposed as the universal  solution to all “institutionalized” people–the mentally ill, developmentally challenged or otherwise disabled. And so we... Read more »

Why are those who yearn for moderate government called extremists?

Following the example of my sometimes debating partner, Tribune commentator Eric Zorn, I was skimming through my column archives and came across a Chicago Tribune column I liked when I wrote it, and still like. It was written two years ago, but applies today as much to America’s upset caused by the overreach of government... Read more »
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