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What government shutdown?

Woke up this morning completely oblivious to the “government shutdown!!!!” Didn’t remember until I turned on the news and was pummeled with the news that we were in the middle of  a “government shutdown!!!!!” Went through all day yesterday, working on freelance stuff and watching the New England Patriots win another trip to the Super... Read more »

Illinois redistricting gets unexpected support from Obama. Pay attention Mike Madigan

Well, I’m reaching.  Obama didn’t specifically mention the politically perverted redistricting that goes on in Illinois. But Obama’s plea for redistricting reform applies to Illinois. In spades. Here’s the background: House Speaker Mike Madigan and his Democrat lamb chops have been in charge of redrawing legislative and congressional districts in Illinois for decades. No surprise, the... Read more »

Some states now require parents to take driver's ed

Parents of teenage drivers, how do like these apples? According to Stateline, a publication of Pew Charitable Trusts: For many teens, taking driver’s education has become a rite of passage in itself, just like getting a license. Now, some states are requiring their parents to take a class as well. Last month, Rhode Island became... Read more »

King George III makes his first speech responding to the American Revolution

Confronted with the uprising of the British colonies in America, King George III holds out the hand of “kindness” and “tenderness” toward his subjects while assembling forces that will “deliver a smart blow” to the “rebels.” His majesty’s tone is conciliatory, but warns of the great damage that will be done to his empire if the... Read more »

Nail those Manchester leakers and send them to prison

So, we’re supposed to be delighted that the New York Times has published leaked information  that authorities said endangers the investigation into the deadly Manchester bombing? I suppose the  Times will be in line for another Pulitzer Prize for what amounts to making public information that could result in some guilty parties getting away or terrorists getting... Read more »

Liberals' sudden love affair with states' rights

States’ rights used to be a dirty word for liberals/progressives. The words conjured up images of slavery, Jim Crow and wacko, out-of-control hard right-wing dominance of state and local governments. Never mind that the Tenth Amendment (aka “the states’ rights amendment) was a broad grant of power to the states. Now the left, especially the... Read more »

$3.5 trillion in secret federal pensions

Adam Andrzejewski writes in Forbes: What has a $3.5 trillion unfunded liability, manually calculated on paper inside a Pennsylvania mountain, and costs taxpayers more money annually than the entire state budget of Florida? Answer: Federal employee pensions.  Fact: Federal court rulings state that disclosing the pension amounts of retired congressional representatives and senators violate their privacy rights. Forcing open the federal pensions will take an... Read more »

Why are firefighters the only Illinois public employees who are allowed to sit on village boards?

UPDATE: Fire fighter also running for village board in neighboring Glenview. Illinois law gives public employees the right to run for public office. But if they are elected, they must  give up their government job, so that they don’t end up on a board that sets their own salaries. As it should be. Except that the... Read more »

Another addition to the mountain of incomprehensible and costly federal regs

Complaints about the mountain of federal regulations that burden small businesses are too often dismissed as more right-wing blather. Until you actually see one. Here’s a recent one from OSHA (issued last October during the waning days of the Obama administration) that seeks to clarify–really?–rules about reporting on-the-job injuries. For one thing, it forbids routine drug... Read more »

First junk the Electoral College and then the U.S. Senate

Wow, when your candidate loses, it’s because the system is “rigged” and needs to be changed. Republican President-elect Donald Trump made a “rigged system” a centerpiece of his campaign. Now that he has won, all mention of a rigged system has ended–from Trump’s camp. But now that Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has lost, the laments... Read more »
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