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A response to the LGBT anti-religion bigots

OK, now it’s religion’s turn. People of faith who assert their rights under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act enacted by Indiana have been pilloried as bigots, haters or worse. Headlines blared that the act legalized homophobia. That Indiana passed a “hate law.” A television reporter traveled miles to sniff out someone, anyone, who would dare... Read more »

Another claim of shoddy journalism by Sabrina Rubin Erdely and Rolling Stone surfaces

Now comes another accusation that Sabrina Rubin Erdely and Rolling Stone engaged in shoddy journalism, this time in the reporting of an alleged spat of suicides by high school students because of a supposed war on gay teens. The story (here)  in question is headlined, One Town’s War on Gay Teens In Michele Bachmann’s home district,... Read more »

Is the number of same-sex marriages vastly overstated?

Pew Research Center says it is possible. Other research seems to be bearing it out: In new research presented at this month’s Population Association of America conference, bureau analysts reported that the 2010 census overcount of same-sex married couples may have been even worse than previously reported. When researchers matched census records for individual couples with... Read more »

Liberal, left, gay and lesbian fascism

Maybe all the people who demanded, then got and then applauded the forced resignation of Mozilla Firefox CEO Brendan Eich aren’t old enough to remember Sen. Joe McCarthy, McCarthyism and witch hunts. Or maybe they remember, and they just don’t care about people getting bounced from their careers for what they believe, and say because what... Read more »

Here's one of those hateful, sanctimonious, homophobic florists

…who for religious reasons want not to be forced by the government to provide a service or a product at same-sex weddings. Thinking that they have a right under the religious freedom provision of the First Amendment. Imagine. In this day and age. Barronelle Stutzman had been serving a gay client for years, but all... Read more »

Gay marriage, legalized pot and other signs of radical individualism

American political thought and practice have become so muddled that we need to think of new ways to insult each other. “Conservative wingnuts” and “liberal flakes” just won’t do any more. It’s because wingnuts and flakes increasingly are finding themselves allied. The fight over surveillance by the National Security Agency is illustrative. Libertarian Sen. Rand... Read more »

LGBT bigotry on parade in Duck Dynasty attack

What a Christmas present the embroilment over Phil Robertson’s observation that homosexuality is a sin has been for the LGBT community. They stuck in their thumb and pulled out a plumb, confirming every stereotype harbored in the New Yorker, MoveOn.Org, Think Progress, and other boutiques of correct thinking. Robertson is the Bible-thumping, caked-in-mud, lower-life form that inhabits... Read more »

Same-sex marriage is legal in Illinois and Hawaii, but it's still wrong

Every child has a right to a mother and a father That’s based on the fact that men and women are different, and each generally brings to the marriage arrangement different abilities, qualities and characteristics to child-rearing.Each of these benefits children in different ways, and in combination better makes for a complete person. This has got... Read more »

A loving response to Deb Mell’s beautiful homage to her wife

UPDATE: Read additional thoughts on Illinois’ approval of same-sex marriage in a later post. Who could not be touched by Chicago Ald. Deb Mell’s moving essay (“Perspective: Make marriage equal,” Chicago Tribune, Oct. 21, 2013) describing the love she has for her wife, Christin Baker? In revealing the details of their life together, their marriage in Iowa... Read more »

Another downside for children of same-sex couples

Now comes new evidence in the deeply emotional debate over the impact on children of same-sex marriage versus traditional marriage. The mere mention os this research will raise  hackles among those who insist that children of same sex couples grow up no different than children of men and women unions. But if we can get... Read more »
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