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If I were a student at Northeastern Illinois University

I would be elated that Northeastern Illinois University President Gloria Gibson didn’t cave into the autocrats who demanded that the school cancel a panel discussion with former White House press secretary Sean Spicer and Democratic strategist Donna Brazile. But I would be furious that some Northeastern Illinois University students, faculty and alumni have set themselves up as some kind of... Read more »

DePaul tries to redefine the idea of a university

DePaul University has redefined the idea of a university from a place where you think, are challenged, engage in rational discussion and search for the truth. Instead, DePaul University has constructed a campus composed of the close-minded, politically correct and fraidy cats. It has tried to convert its entire campus into a “safe space” where... Read more »

The Tribune's Dahleen Glanton desperately needs a lesson about the First Amendment

The Chicago Tribune’s Page 2 columnist Dahleen Glanton argued that the National Football League violated the First Amendment’s guarantee of freedom of speech when it order its players to either stand for the playing of the National Anthem or remain in the locker room. She said: ….the NFL is attempting to diminish the right all of... Read more »

Leonard Pitts Jr., it's you who's deplorable

Syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts Jr. rejected the idea of trying to “understand” supporters of President Donald Trump because they are a bunch of white, Christian Americans alarmed by the loss of their “pre-eminence.” (“Do we really need to ‘understand’ Trump supporters?” as published in the Chicago Tribune.) Pitts was responding to a reader who suggested in... Read more »

The national student walkout to protest gun violence is wrong

Leave it to Byrne, I can hear some people saying, to come up with such a crazy post. But hear me out please. I admire the spunk, energy, determination and organizational ability of the students in their National Student Walkout. I agree with restrictions on gun purchases that include a  ban bump stocks, a longer wait... Read more »

University says it's NOT a place for free speech like in the street

Arkansas State University, to justify bouncing a conservative organizer off campus, says: Because the mission of Arkansas State University is education, the campus of Arkansas State University is not a public forum open for assembly and expression of free speech as are the public streets, sidewalks and parks. [Emphasis added.] Astonishing. The university traditionally has been... Read more »
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