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For those needing a reminder of what the Nazis did

Every new generation needs another reminder of the fathomless evil of the Nazis, especially now that so many Americans seem to proudly identify with them and their allied white supremacists such as the Ku Klux Klan. As appalling as it was for the Greatest Generation to discover the depravity of the Nazi death camps as they... Read more »

Backstage pictures of the Oscar's best picture screw-up

Variety has them. (Go here.)

The best commentary on the bollixed best picture Oscar

Jason Gay writes in the Wall Street Journal, “And the Academy Award for Insanity Goes to...”: Well, that was nuts, even for Hollywood. Let’s be clear: the Oscars were already a fairly ridiculous exercise. A cathedral of glamour and ego, the movie industry’s annual awards conclave is a bloated exercise of hype and self-satisfaction that... Read more »

Is La La Land this good?

Lots of good things have been said about the hit musical La La Land. But is it as good as Debbie Reynolds, Gene Kelly and Donald O’Connor in  “Signing in the Rain?” Dissents: “It’s a terrible movie.’ “Overrated….It reeks of moth balls.” Praise: “La La Land is a Triumph.” “Stone, Gosling light up Damien Chazelle’s... Read more »

Will the Citadel class of 2001 attend best-selling author Pat Conroy's funeral?

UPDATE: They came and witnessed and mourned in scores: “Pat Conroy’s funeral was both a time of mourning and reunion.” Just as I was finishing up Pat Conroy’s novel The Lords of Discipline, which savaged South Carolina’s military school, The Citadel, the news arrived of his death. Although a graduate of the then-all male college, his best seller... Read more »

I don't care about the Oscars

Or to put it more directly: The Oscars? I don’t give a crap. They’re a bore. A self-absorbed exercise. Phony. Nonetheless, we’re getting treated to the annual ponderous and flagellating analysis about the real meaning of the Oscar nominations. as if what Hollywood voting for what it likes about Hollywood is worth our time. The... Read more »

Should U.S. declare cyber war on North Korea to retaliate for Sony hacking?

The now notorious hacking of Sony Picture may originated in North Korea, according to FoxNews and  Huff Post. Said Fox: The finger of suspicion has already pointed at North Korea. A source familiar with the FBI alert told Fox News that the highly destructive malware was written in Korean, further fueling suspicions that Pyongyang launched the... Read more »

Lucas Museum is a plop on Chicago's lakefront

Parents will immediately recognize the design of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art that billionaire “Star Wars” creator George Lucas wants to dump on our lakefront. It should remind parents of their toddlers who drop the ice cream from their cones on a hot sidewalk. Plop. A random and formless mess of ice cream looks... Read more »

Need a laugh? Check out Steve Martin's 'Great Flydinin'

It’s a classic that truly will amaze! What was America’s greatest come-from-behind war? Go here to find out. To subscribe to The Barbershop, type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. My list is completely spam free, and you can opt out at any time.  

A 13-year-old-girl plays the trumpet like you've never heard before

Remember the name:  Melissa Venema     Here she is again: And again: Here she is at 12: Again
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