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Al Gore, can you spell hypocrite?

Even mainstream media and entertainers are basically asking the same question. Al Gore’s sale of his Current TV to Al Jazeera, backed by the oil-rich Middle Eastern country of Qatar  has raised eyebrows, even among his supporters. This compilation is found on Politico. Here’s his defense. You decide whether this makes him sound like an even... Read more »

Save us from the politics of science

It’s bad enough when politicians and true believers distort scientific findings for their own purposes. But when scientists do it, we’ve reached a dangerous point in intellectual discourse. Such is the case with the widespread belief that evidence of global warming is incontrovertible. Thankfully, some scientists courageously have decided to publicly challenge this numbing, politically... Read more »

Obama knifes Keystone Pipeline, jobs and economic growth

But Boehner says the fight isn’t over. I hope not, but the only recourse is a new president.

Startling finding: More energy is frozen in methane deposits in the Arctic than all the known fossil fuels combined

Whoa, that’s quite a claim. But scientists and environmentalists have known it for a while, at least since 2005 when those deposits were confirmed. But it seems to have escaped public attention. Especially when it comes to the debate that pits renewable and green sources against fossil fuels, such as petroleum, coal and natural gas.... Read more »

Congress does right; defeats $6 billion corn ethanol subsidy

Unbelievable, but true. One of the most sacred of cows, the corn ethanol subsidy will not be renewed. Here’s where Friends of the Earth and I agree. Here is part of its news release: Corn ethanol no longer a sacred cow; After long campaign, diverse coalition prevents renewal of blenders’ tax credit Washington, D.C. — Congress... Read more »

Indecision, your name is Barack Obama

In a perverse way, President Barack Obama could be described as courageous for making such a cowardly decision. Environmental studies have been made, plans have been drawn and construction was ready to begin on a vital link in America’s energy grid–until Obama stepped on it for political reasons that are so obvious that even he... Read more »

End all energy subsidies, whether for coal or renewables.

Now here’s an idea that I could support, and I think that many Americans would too. Below is a press release highlighting legislation that would do exactly that. It’s from Freedom Action, “a web-based gathering of activists dedicated to self governance and free markets.”  Its web site is Freedom Action Supports New Bill to End Energy... Read more »

The media's fracking gas problem

Two months ago I wrote about the promise of natural gas made possible by a method of freeing from shale deposits deep under the surface. It’s called fracking and you would have thought from some of the reaction that I had used the other F-word. Here’s what I wrote in a Tribune op-ed and posted... Read more »
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