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Truth: Job-hopping is the only way to get promoted

Crain’s Chicago Business conducted a Chicago survey that revealed that employees have come to believe that job hopping is the only way to get ahead. It’s what employers get and deserve for no longer being loyal to their employees. So much for loyalty. I know from my own experience is that the only way I... Read more »

2016 is the worst year for Illinois manufacturing since the end of the Great Recession

According to the Illinois Policy Institute: The Illinois workforce shrank by 22,000 people in August, according to a new report by the Illinois Department of Employment Security, or IDES. Unemployed people dropping out of the workforce was the entire cause of the unemployment rate dropping to 5.5 percent from 5.8 percent on the month.  Read more. Read why... Read more »

Obama's Cuba deal is no sweet deal for candy lovers

You might think that it could make candy and other sweets less expensive. After all, Cuba historically is one of the world’s main suppliers of sugar, and opening up the American market to Cuban sugar imports could drive down the price of your Reese’s pieces and other favorites. It won’t happen because the American sugar... Read more »

Twenty great jobs that don't require a college degree

CareerCast, an online job board, has put together a list of good jobs that don’t require a college degree. Not that there’s anything wrong with a college degree, but some young people might have concluded from all the ballyhoo about the need for a college degree to pursue a career path that they’ll eventually regret.... Read more »

Five lowest paying, high stress jobs

News reporter is one of them–no news to me.

It's bad enough that pensions are draining Illinois dry; now Sears and others also want to

If Ohio wants to shower Sears Holding Corp. with $400 million to lure the retailer away from Hoffman Estates, I say, “Fine, do it.” And let Ohio Gov. John Kasich (R) explain to his taxpayers why his state’s bribe is four times greater than the $100 million that Illinois reportedly had offered. But if I... Read more »

How Rhode Island, a deep blue state, reformed its public pensions

Rhode Island, facing a $600 million shortfall–peanuts compared with Illinois’–in its pension funds, overwhelmingly approved pension reform. According to Reuters: The legislation, called the Rhode Island Retirement Security Act, would suspend cost-of-living adjustments for those collecting state pensions and raise the retirement age for most employees. It would also set up a hybrid system for... Read more »

Cost of Illinois tax breaks grows as support for them wanes.

That’s according to the Illinois Statehouse News which reports: A tax break package meant to boost a business community hit by the Great Recession could cost the state $848 million in just three years. The only funding source specifically outlined to date for the package is a change to the Illinois tax code that would bring in $571... Read more »

Senators move to stop ObamaCare tax

Most attention in the ObamaCare fight has focused on the courts especially the Supreme Court’s decision to weigh the constitutionality of the requirement that every American buy or have health insurance. But let’s not forget some of the other onerous provisions of the law that don’t require a court override. Congress can always repeal parts... Read more »

Occupy Chicago is right about one thing, but....

Occupy Chicago and other practitioners of those new and spreading protests want us to better understand and empathize with the poor. So let’s work on that. The U.S. Census Bureau provides evidence that America is in the grip of a poverty pandemic, as the occupiers would have it: Last year, more than 15 percent of... Read more »
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