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Replacing Chief Illiniwek with an otter would be highly offensive

Did anyone ask otters if they were okay with being named the new University of Illinois at Champaign mascot? Would they have been offended if their proud heritage  had been appropriated by a cartoonish caricature?  Thankfully, a majority of students, displaying their heightened sensitivity, voted against creating a mascot named Alma Otter, a take-off on the campus statue,... Read more »

"I’m watching you, white boy"

That’s the chilling snapper at the end of an op-ed written by student Isis Davis-Marks in the Feb. 7 issue of the Yale [University] News.  I’ll save you the trouble of reading this piece of racist trash by describing it as a rant against white men in college whom she expects to grow up to be racists... Read more »

DePaul tries to redefine the idea of a university

DePaul University has redefined the idea of a university from a place where you think, are challenged, engage in rational discussion and search for the truth. Instead, DePaul University has constructed a campus composed of the close-minded, politically correct and fraidy cats. It has tried to convert its entire campus into a “safe space” where... Read more »

‘How to Lie With Statistics’: Teachers Union Edition

That’s the headline from an insightful response in the Wall Street Journal to the never-ending whining by teachers’ unions about how unfairly they’re being treated. The article itemizes those deceptions. They unions: Conflate school funding and state education spending. Use elevated spending baselines. Don’t account for other forms of compensation. Elide data that don’t fit their... Read more »

The national student walkout to protest gun violence is wrong

Leave it to Byrne, I can hear some people saying, to come up with such a crazy post. But hear me out please. I admire the spunk, energy, determination and organizational ability of the students in their National Student Walkout. I agree with restrictions on gun purchases that include a  ban bump stocks, a longer wait... Read more »

University says it's NOT a place for free speech like in the street

Arkansas State University, to justify bouncing a conservative organizer off campus, says: Because the mission of Arkansas State University is education, the campus of Arkansas State University is not a public forum open for assembly and expression of free speech as are the public streets, sidewalks and parks. [Emphasis added.] Astonishing. The university traditionally has been... Read more »

Will the Chicago Teachers Union stop its bitching now?

No it won’t even though as  the Illinois Policy Institute explains: Illinois’ new education funding formula signed into law in August gave the Chicago Public Schools everything it wanted, and more. CPS got to keep its old subsidies, it got the state to pay for its pension costs and it got permission to raise property taxes yet... Read more »

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Mike Royko would loathe progressives' assault on free speech

Progressives disingenuously now deploy a “safety” argument to excuse their assault on free speech. A Sacramento Bee editorial, for example, says that “no one has told Ann Coulter to shut up.” The issue, the editorial says is “the escalating violence these past few months [and] how to make sure no one gets hurt or killed in the... Read more »

Emanuel's good high school diploma idea sets critics' hair on fire

This commentary appeared in CHICAGO–Mayor Rahm Emanuel has done the unthinkable: He told graduates of the city’s dismal public school system that he wants them to do something with their diploma. Or else they won’t get a diploma. Something like: get a job, go to college, join the military or even sign up for... Read more »

"Body shaming" lunacy

The latest is a dispatch from the Rockford Register Star, “Prom police: Rockford schools crack down on revealing outfits.” The “Prom police” in this instance is Boylan Catholic High School, which has issued a Prom 2017 Proper Dress and Dance Policy and Dress Code Guidelines that tells girls and boys what is acceptable dress and what isn’t.... Read more »
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