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Will taxpayers subsidize striking teachers?

Will taxpayers end up paying teachers for every day they are on strike? Not a silly a question. In the private sector, striking workers actually give up their pay and they never recover the lost money. No so with Chicago schools. Every day a strike closes the schools is a day that in many cases must... Read more »

How to play hardball with the Chicago teachers' hardball strike

(1) Go to court to get an injunction against the Chicago Teachers Union’s illegal strike. (2) Fire teachers who are illegally living outside of Chicago. We read that this strike against Chicago’s public school children is about power. Very well, then play hardball against the Chicago Teachers Union that has decided to play hardball. This strike... Read more »

Hey, CTU, you're not the school czar

The people, taxpayers and voters of Chicago are. Or at least they should be. But here comes the Chicago Teachers Union, bargaining as if it was the school board and the Chicago Public Schools board was the union’s underlying. Here comes the union, demanding all kinds of things that Illinois law says are outside of... Read more »

More Chicago Teachers Union baloney

The Chicago Teachers Union said in an email that “Despite CPS spin, ‘offer’ falls far short for low-wage teaching assistants, classroom needs.” But it’s in the union’s hands to make sure that the low-wage teachers get a better deal. The CTU moans that: ” Yet the wage floor for teaching assistants still hovers at $30,000/year—less... Read more »

Why the Chicago Teachers Union demands are outrageous

You don’t have to do a detailed statistical analysis of the Chicago Teachers Union costly demands are outrageous. But if you want more detailed information, turn to the analysis by the Illinois Policy Institute. Before we begin, the union response will be that the Institute is just a right-wing, anti-tax, anti-union outfit that should stick its... Read more »

If I were a student at Northeastern Illinois University

I would be elated that Northeastern Illinois University President Gloria Gibson didn’t cave into the autocrats who demanded that the school cancel a panel discussion with former White House press secretary Sean Spicer and Democratic strategist Donna Brazile. But I would be furious that some Northeastern Illinois University students, faculty and alumni have set themselves up as some kind of... Read more »

Blame Chicago teachers and their CTU; not Mayor Lightfoot

Bring Home Chicago, a coalition of homeless advocates, is targeting Mayor Lori Lightfoot for failing to live up to her campaign promise to, in effect, nail “rich” taxpayers to save the homeless. Chicago Sun-Times columnist Mark Brown explained that Lightfoot will ask the Illinois Legislature to give her authority to raise the real estate transfer... Read more »

In Illinois, investors come before children

Where would you prefer your Illinois taxes go: to wealthy bondholders or to the Department of Children and Family Services to protect innocent, vulnerable and abused kids? Who in his right mind would pick the wealthy bondholders? But that is precisely what the state of Illinois has done when setting its priorities. Investors and lenders are reaping... Read more »

A little-noticed, outrageous pension win for Illinois teachers

Just when you thought that the Illinois pension plan for public school teachers in the state couldn’t get any more lavish and benevolent, the Democratic-controlled legislature slipped in yet another boon in the new (un)”balanced” budget. It amounts to a take-back that can add thousands of dollars to a retiring teacher’s pension. Here’s how it... Read more »

More whining from the Chicago Teachers Union

And why not? It’s the Chicago Teachers Union’s job to whine, moan and act as if it is the victim in a crisis that it had such a huge hand in creating. This time, the whine states that while Chicago Public Schools have extorted more money from the financially crippled state of Illinois, too many employees are... Read more »
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