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De Paul University racists vote to have school divest in Israel

Racist too strong to describe the DePaul students, faculty and others who demand that the Chicago university rid itself of any investments connected to Israel? No. Because if these morons were more interested in human rights violations than in advancing their anti-Isreal (i.e. anti-Semitic) campaign, they would also have the university dump any investments in... Read more »

Junk school standardized tests

Here’s a way to dramatically increase classroom teaching time in Chicago and elsewhere while saving a ton of money: Junk school standardized tests. If you eliminated all the time that teachers now must prepare for and administer tests, you could recover days of instruction time each school year, according to a 2013 American Federation of... Read more »

UPDATE: Obama's Eric Holder sues to uphold racial profiling in schools

UPATE: The usually liberal Washington Post agrees with me. Can this be the end of time? This is bizarre: President Barack Obama’s and Eric Holder’s Justice Department is suing Louisiana to force some kids to stay in their failing public schools. More specifically, the department wants to stop the state from issuing vouchers to parents... Read more »

If you send your kid to a public school, you are a bad person

This is a parody of a Slate article, “If you send your kid to a private school, you are a bad person: A manifesto,” by Allison Benedikt, Aug. 29. 2013. She posits that the best way to improve public schools is for all parents to send their children there. Her article is not to be... Read more »

Teacher falls down drunk on the job; scores $18,000 severance package

No way, you say? The Daily Herald carried the story: JANESVILLE, Wis. — The Janesville school district is paying a teacher suspected of being drunk at a field trip more than $18,000 to resign as part of a separation agreement. If the district tried to fire 50-year-old teacher Maria Caya, the legal costs would have... Read more »

Chicago Teachers Union can thank itself for some layoffs

The current Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) contract negotiated after the strike gives teachers raises averaging more than 17 percent over four years. Seventeen percent! A school system running a $1-billion deficit can’t afford it, and the CTU knew it. In other words, the union chose to get big pay increases for some teachers at the... Read more »

Batavia high school students have 5th amendment protections too

Despite what the Batavia (Illinois) school board says, the students in teacher John Dryden’s class and throughout the high school are not required to incriminate themselves by filling out a drug or alcohol self-disclosure form. As the Chicago Tribune reported: Dryden, a social studies teacher at Batavia High School, was hailed by some as a protector... Read more »

Screw Judy Blume

“Author Judy  Blume Bloom speaks out against Glen Ellyn book ban”-- Chicago Tribune headline. Once again the words “book ban” are tossed around too easily by the likes of Judy Blume Bloom.  The book in question, Perks of Being a Wallflower had been removed from the school’s library shelf after complaining that it was age inappropriate for eighth... Read more »

Didn't get your event into the paper? Don't feel alone

Here’s a worthy event that didn’t get a mention and its sponsors don’t understand why. It was the “Black Men of Honor College Fair,” held at the Ramada Hyde Park Hotel. Said the group in an email: On April 6, 2013, more than 1,000 young Black men descended on the Ramada Hyde Park Hotel. Not one... Read more »

Get a teaching job; take off some sick days

It must be something in the air in schools that explains why so many teachers in this school district: In the college town where he was living, an astonishing 47 percent of the school district’s 721 teachers were absent more than 10 days during the school year, according to data the district reported to the... Read more »
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