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A clarification: A vote for Biden is a vote for extremism, incompetence and shadow government

Sometimes the danger in this writing business is that the scribe doesn’t express himself well enough. It’s not the fault of the reader if the message isn’t clear, or is confusing, or contradictory. Thus it was with my post yesterday, “Dump Trump.” In it, I expressed my deep worry that Trump will lose the election... Read more »

Dump Trump

Donald Trump, narcissist extraordinaire, will have to wear the jacket if he loses the presidential election. But if he loses, he will blame everyone except himself. And in his self-destruction, he will take the Republican Party and the conservative agenda down with him. Although I’m loathe to make political predictions, the signs are not good as he... Read more »

The two-man parade of fools: Trump and Biden

Turned on the TV this morning. Saw President Donald Trump droning on and on about what a great job he’s done. I went to do something else. Came back later, he’s still at it. Look at me, look at me. I did a great job, incredible job. Nobody ever as great. A pitiful 48-minute-long monologue about his... Read more »

Donald Trump is the Trump administration's worst spokesman

Just about every time President Donald Trump opens his mouth to try to elaborate on good steps that his coronavirus pandemic team has taken, he steps in it. Big. Deep. And Ugly. On Wednesday his team tried to correct the media misrepresentation that Robert Redfield, the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, warned that a... Read more »

Neglecting the impact of the COVID-19 quarantine on mental health

One thing we hear too little of during the COVID-19 quarantine crisis is the serious mental health consequences of social isolation. How this is being left out of the public health equation is puzzling and certainly dangerous. Maybe it’s a media reaction to President Donald Trump’s raising the mental health issue, including his warning about increased... Read more »

'Warnings Ignored: A Timeline of Trump’s COVID-19 Response'

In the interests of an even-handed approach to the pandemic, I’m linking to an article in the Bulwark that closely looks at how President Donald Trump and his administration responded to early warnings about the danger that America faced: During the critical period between the outbreak in China and the landfall of coronavirus in America,... Read more »

'Trump has blood on his hands'

Enough already. Has it finally come to this? That President Donald Trump has “blood on his hands”? Yes it has. The slander has spiraled through the left wing and media precincts with all the speed of a coronavirus pandemic. NBC News anchor Chuck Todd stuck to the script when he asked former Vice President and Democrat presidential contender Joe Biden, “Do you... Read more »

Andrew Cuomo for president

If I were a Democrat–which I’m not, but which I used to be before I was expelled for being pro-life and culturally conservative–I would want Andrew Cuomo as my nominee for president of the United States. His televised briefings during the COVID-19 crisis were a textbook case of how government should operate and what qualities a leader... Read more »

Biden's #%$& hurled at a voter is just a "human moment"

That’s according to Sen. Deborah Stabenow (D-Mich.) defending Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden for calling a labor union auto plant worker that he is “full of shit.” Here’s the quote, as provided by the Daily Beast: Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden told a pro-gun auto plant worker on Tuesday that he is “full of shit” for saying... Read more »

I'm 78 and I'm not running for president

I’m too old. Like Joe Biden. I recognize Joe Biden. I know him. I know what it is to struggle for a word, as Biden did when he couldn’t remember, holy smokes, the name of God when he said, “All men and women created by—you know, you know the thing.” Or when he called Super... Read more »
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