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Can't we all just get along?

So spoke Rodney King, the tax driver beaten in 1991 by Los Angeles police after a high-speed chase while drunk. Now is not the time to blame each other–for the killing of five Dallas police officers and the death of black men at the hands of police elsewhere. Let us first determine the facts and... Read more »

Hillary Clinton still could be, should be, indicted

UPDATE: Loretta Lynch says the Justice Department is ending its investigation and will not prosecute Hillary Clinton Even after FBI Director James Comey said he would not recommend the indictment of Hillary Clinton for her extremely reckless handling of classified material, that doesn’t have to be, nor possibly should it be the last word. As many... Read more »

FBI won't recommend Hillary Clinton indictment; no surprise there

UPDATED: To no one’s surprise, the FBI won’t seek the indictment of Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. And to no one’s surprise, the announcement came just a few days after husband Bill had a private meeting with the FBI’s boss, Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Just days after Lynch said she would accept the FBI’s recommendation,... Read more »

Orlando shooting unleashes a s**tstorm of blame

Even before the last victim of the Orlando shooting was admitted to the hospital, fools were at it, blaming each other for the slaughter. Can’t we wait until all the facts are in? Are we so convinced of our righteousness that we can’t see past our own biases? There’s not enough room here (even though... Read more »

"Northwestern Journalism school perverted justice"

In Justice Perverted, author William B. Crawford describes “how the Innocence Project at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism sent an innocent man to prison.” He will make that case on Thursday, April 21, from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at the Harold Washington Library Center at 400 S State St. in Chicago. This is the case that... Read more »

Has Garry McCarthy gone into hiding?

Here’s some spot-on commentary from Second City Cop about the firing of Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy. He asks: “So why is no media outlet hunting down Garry for his reaction to being pushed under a bus?” Good question, but the eye-opening summary of Rahm Emanuel’s appointments hits home: Rahm has a bad history selecting outsiders... Read more »

Who is Chicago cop Jason Van Dyke’s clout?

Who is Chicago cop Jason Van Dyke’s clout? That would be the guy who was able to protect what appears to be a rogue cop from discipline and firing. This is the person  once was  called, in Chicago  parlance, his “chinaman,” but political correctness has annihilated that offensive usage. Nonetheless, one can legitimately not be... Read more »

Just about everything about the Laquan McDonald killing sucks

Start with the killing itself. A young black man suspected of doing bad stuff, strung out on PCP, being chased, legitimately, by cops. He’s cornered. Hey, officer Van Dyke, the kid is down, your life isn’t in jeopardy, stop with the damn shooting. Then go to the cover-up: Rahm Emanuel coming up with a $5... Read more »

Chicago lakefront joggers, bikers too busy to notice dead man hanging from a tree

You can hardy blame lakefront joggers and bikers for not noticing a dead man hanging from a tree near Foster Ave. Pausing  might screw up their Fitbit stats. But Linda Ewen did notice and called police. “”I wasn’t focused on the road. I was looking at the lake. I saw what looked like a big man... Read more »

What's that, you say? Christians are NOT under attack?

CNN has reported that the gunman who opened fire at Oregon’s Umpqua Community College singled out Christians, according to the father of a wounded student. The New York Post also reported the same. A lot needs to be learned about the shooter and his motives (I’m not using his name either), but according to witness reports... Read more »
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