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It's time for an independent, federal prosecutor to investigate the Anthony Porter case

Martin Preib makes a good argument for why an local investigation will fall short in the increasingly questionable and seemingly politicized decision to free Anthony Porter in the murder case that spurred the “wrongfully convicted” media mania.

Did Northwestern University 'wrongful conviction' center railroad an innocent man?

That’s a question that increasingly deserves more attention in the wake of yet another Chicago Sun-Times story disclosing a memo calling the entire mess the result of politics. That follows a Sun-Times story last week that provides more evidence that an innocent man was sent to prison for a murder that increasingly appears to have... Read more »

Blame U.S. militarism for the Fort Hood shooting

Belen Fernandez doesn’t exactly come right out and say it, but she comes as close as one can while hedging her bets. In this Aljazeera post (“The Fort Hood shooting should be analysed within the larger context of US militarism”), she supposedly takes the “larger view,” but in effect blames U.S. militarism for the shooting: It should... Read more »

Does Pope Francis believe in sin and hell?

You bet he does. With all kinds of interpretations about who he is and what he believes, he made one thing damn clear: “Pope to Sicilian Mafia: You will end up in hell.” He mentioned how some priests have gone “toe to toe” with the Mafioso, and I wonder what they’ll have in mind for... Read more »

Why some people support the death penalty

I’m not for it, usually. But here’s why some people support the death penalty. Under a new Illinois Supreme Court ruling these two creatures, sentenced to life imprisonment, may get a chance to walk:  David Biro, who was 16 in 1990 when he forced a pregnant woman and her husband into the basement of their... Read more »

Was the 'wrongfully convicted' Anthony Porter rightfully convicted in the first place?

You might remember Anthony Porter, supposedly one of the innocents who had been wrongfully convicted of murder, but then released because he was supposedly framed by the corrupt criminal justice system. Well, it’s high time for another look at the Porter case because the evidence, shows to my way of thinking, that they got the... Read more »

A shocking story of a life of incest, physical abuse, rape and prostitution

A shocking story of a life of incest, physical abuse, rape and prostitution is told in a new book about a $32 billion-a-year industry: Human trafficking. Some 4.5 million of trafficked person are sexually exploited and 50 percent of them are children. January is Human Trafficking Month, and here’s a book about it, Layla: How... Read more »

One year later, how has the Newtown shootings changed our laws?

Here is the answer from Stateline, a daily news service of the Pew Charitable Turst: In the stunned aftermath of the Dec. 14 shooting, President Barack Obama signed 23 executive orders designed to limit gun violence. In Congress,  multiple gun control measures fizzled out in the Senate without even making it to the House. Where federal lawmakers failed to act,... Read more »

France is right about crime on Chicago's South and West Sides

When France warned tourists about crime on Chicago’s South and West Sides, it was only reflecting reality. Some Chicagoans and commentators have worked themselves into high dudgeon over the French Foreign Ministry’s warnings that tourists avoid visiting parts of the South Side and West Side.  I quite understand that we don’t want to take the... Read more »

Porn isn't just a victimless habit

Malorie Blackman, a British author of popular children’s books, would like to see more sex in young adult literature, arguing that if sex is honestly portrayed, it would help keep young adults from dipping into online pornography. Sort of like taking a hair from the dog that bit you before it bites you, to keep... Read more »
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