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"The hottest year ever recorded" embroidery

Almost breathless and without qualification, it is being reported in some corners that 2014 was the “hottest year ever recorded” on Earth. Strictly speaking, it’s true. But too many reports are leaving the impression that last year’s temperatures are spiraling upward, jumping far beyond the last record year. If you look more closely at the... Read more »

Scientific evidence: global warming warnings are in a statistical meltdown

Here’s more evidence that the politicized  warning of climate change disasters to be brought on (with unseemly certainty) by global warming are overstated. It comes from Judith Curry, a professor and former chairwoman of the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the Georgia Institute of Technology and president of Climate Forecast Applications Network, and Nicholas Lewis, an... Read more »

Climate warming still a scientifically open question

As citizens of a self-governing nation, we should, we must, challenge everything. Every assertion, claim, proclamation and dictate should not escape close examination. No matter how certain, how dogmatic and how obvious it may be. No matter how complex, seemingly incomprehensible, settled and confusing it may be. A self-governing nation cannot afford to “take someone’s... Read more »

The polar vortex is back

And so is the debate about whether the crispy, frigid temperatures that have returned (as I write this, it is 3 degrees F outside my window) are caused by global warming (er… excuse me, that term is politically incorrect. I’m supposed to say “climate change.”) Some idiots said the cold weather disproves the global warming... Read more »

Hey, kids! Santa Clause warns that he'll cancel Christmas

Oh dear! Global warming threatens to melt Santa Clause’s home. Unless you do something about it, Santa Clause will have to cancel Christmas. Jeanne Moos over at CNN shovels some  well-deserved ridicule its way. She says it reminds her of Carson on Downton Abbey. I don’t know. I think he looks more like Ming the Merciless... Read more »

Is a "little ice age" in our future?

Environmental alarmists insist that changes in solar activity has little or nothing to do with climate change, that the current global warming is mainly the result of man-made activity. But simple common sense informs us that activity on the face of the sun–the furnace that ultimately gives Earth all of its energy–has much to do... Read more »

'Climatologists are no Einsteins, says his successor'

Not that who says what matters all that much. But it’s interesting that this prominent scientist, Freeman John Dyson, explains why skepticism is a key component of science, not a sign of ignorance, as climate change alarmist have it. As reported in the New Jersey Times: Freeman Dyson is a physicist who has been teaching at the Institute... Read more »

Defining a poor winner

That would be one David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker. With all the graciousness of an eight-year-old imitating one of those victory dances that NFL players do in the end zone, Remnick spouts this about President Barack Obama’s re-election: Finally, bid a fond farewell to some of the gargoyles who have haunted your sleep in... Read more »

It's boiling hot in Chicago (and everywhere else) because of 'climate change.'

Here is the latest explanation why “Climate change is here — and worse than we thought.” It’s an op-ed piece in the Washington Post by James E. Hansen, director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies. I post it in order to give global warming alarmists their best shot. Among Hansen’s arguments: Such [extreme weather] events used... Read more »

Chicken Little and the Greenland Ice Sheet

By now, anyone watching the news has seen this scary satellite photo (below) of Greenland and the disappearing ice sheet. The photo was released by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and described by that agency as an “unprecedented“ melt. Popular (and uniformed) thought is that this is part of the growing evidence that... Read more »
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