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New report finds some polar bear populations are not declining

If we can put aside the emotional hysteria for a moment about how global warming is wiping out the polar bears, you might want to read this: Baffin Bay and Kane Basin polar bears not ‘declining’ concludes new report: The 2016 Scientific Working Group report on Baffin Bay and Kane Basin polar bears was released online without fanfare last... Read more »

The anti-science hype about the 2016 being the "hottest year"

Former Obama administration official decries the “politicalization” of science Despite the headlines about the Earth “sizzling” in the hottest year in 2016, this useful investigation points out that the increase… detected by NOAA was 0.01 degrees Celsius. In other words, one-hundredth of a degree – a figure well within the scientific method’s margin of error... Read more »

Ronald Reagan was right about cow farts and greenhouse gases

Ronald Reagan was ridiculed mercilessly when he asserted that cow farts produced huge amounts of methane that contributed to greenhouse gas pollution. He also said that trees and plants were similarly guilty, also to much ridicule. Including from me. Now comes word that he was right all along. California Gov. Jerry Brown (D-Moonbeam) has signed legislation... Read more »

Climate scientist bashed by group think for being a heretic

Even a climate scientist who has concluded that global warming is real and that human emissions of greenhouses gases justify a carbon tax can’t escape the group think’s auto-da-fé for even slightly disagreeing with the given wisdom. Roger Pielke Jr. failed the climate alarmists’ inquisition when he argued against the hypothesis that human-caused climate change has... Read more »

Climate change mutes fall colors

At least that’s what we’re supposed to believe. Says Gothomist (“Go See Some Gorgeous Fall Leaves In A City Park (While You Can)!” Our schizophrenic autumn (thanks, climate change!) is here, and the window to do some leaf peeping will be “brief.” The thinking goes that global warming has caused a drought in the northeast, which has stressed out... Read more »

Clinton and Gore's unscientific assertion that climate change worsened Hurricane Matthew

They’re at it again. After scientists have repeatedly warned that one event does not prove or disprove a hypothesis, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and former Vice President Al Gore asserted in a campaign appearance that Hurricane Matthew was likely more destructive because of climate change. This constant politicization of science has become so absurd... Read more »

Unhinged: Senator Boxer ridicules 'philosopher', assails Catholic priest at Senate climate hearing

Sen. Boxer, will you just shut up for a moment and let the witnesses, called to testify, answer the question. Jeez. Senator Boxer, you global warming alarmists like to say that climate change is a moral issue, but then you ridicule and cut off a philosopher and priest who are addressing the morality of global... Read more »

El Nino "collapse" to bring cooling global temps and more sea ice?

El Nino, the warmer-than-normal waters of the Pacific Ocean, has a lot to do with global climate conditions, including global temperatures and sea ice. The warmer El Nino is, the warmer the climate and the more ice melts. Now comes research that the current El Nino is about to “collapse,” raising the prospect of a... Read more »

The anti-science assault by global warming alarmists on climate change skeptics

The true Flat Earth fanatics are those global warming alarmists who accuse anyone who challenges their methodology and conclusions of being “anti-science.” It is especially anti-science with global warming alarmists when they now turn  to legal methods to silence anyone who “The debate is over; climate change is real.” questions their propaganda. But that’s exactly... Read more »

Mr. Bill: 'Oh, no! Climate change is spreading the Zika virus'

So, how long did that take? Few of us had heard of the Zika virus until a few weeks ago. But it didn’t take long for the media to ramp up jitters to an all-out panic that the virus that causes grotesque birth defects and long-term neurological problems is heading our way. The thinking is that... Read more »
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