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Chicago Teachers Union sends Chicago Public Schools "over the cliff"

“The CTU is negotiating a contract with the board and is willing to work with anyone, but these political appointments are telling us a lot about where the mayor is taking our schools, which is over a cliff.” – Chicago Teachers Union Vice President Jesse Sharkey commenting on Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s appointment of Forrest Claypool as new CEO... Read more »

Chicago teachers cutting their own throats

In demanding that Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the  Chicago Public Schools fork over a $634 million contribution to Chicago’s teachers retirement fund, Chicago teachers are cutting their own throats. In one of the most amazing slights of hand yet seen in a city where hands move too fast to be seen, the $634 million appeared... Read more »

A Chicago Cubs song worth hearing

Below is a video of  a Chicago Cubs song that’s worth hearing. Even though I’ve been a Chicago White Sox fan for the past 65 years, it struck me as, well, nice. No sarcasm meant here. Joe Gates sent it to me with the note: This is for die hard Cubs fans, those of us... Read more »

Drop by and say hello at the Printers Row Lit Fest

If you’re at the Printers Row Lit Fest on Saturday (June 6), drop by and say hello. I’ll be autographing my historical novel, Madness: The War of 1812.  I’ll be at the Society of Midland Authors tent from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. along with members R. Craig Sautter, author of Philadelphia Presidential Conventions and 26 Martyrs for These Latter Perilous... Read more »

Told ya so: New O'Hare Airport runway expansion fails to reduce delays

Opponents of ex-Mayor Richard M. Daley’s O’Hare Airport expansion boondoggle had been saying it for years: The costly expansion won’t do much to reduce delays, one of the major reasons justifying the billions spent and the homes and businesses destroyed. Now comes a Chicago Tribune article reporting an AP analysis of airport delays, “New runway... Read more »

The Chicago Way: City knifes Moody's for junk bond rating

That’ll teach Moody’s Investment Services to downgrade Chicago’s bonds to junk level. Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration decided not to hire Moody’s to rate the city’s latest, $800-million general obligation bond issue. Instead, it is giving the lucrative business to Moody’s investors–Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services, Fitch Ratings and Kroll Bond Rating Agency Inc., reports the... Read more »

Nearly a quarter of every dollar of Chicago's revenues goes to pensions

I had not realized that nearly a quarter of every dollar that Chicago receives from taxes, grants, fines and fees goes to pay for its pensions. How can the city survive laboring under such a burden? This startling number was found here, in blog called “Expected Loss.” The blogger, Marc Joffe, wrote: In 2013, expenditures... Read more »

Understanding Chicago’s approaching financial ruin

Explaining how Chicago came to teeter on the edge of inevitable financial ruin when its ability to borrow runs out and creditors start calling in their loans to the city is a complex story. But a friend gave me a link to an article that he described as “the best and bluntest overall assessment I’ve... Read more »

The best tribune to Francis Cardinal George

Among  all of the wonderful words printed or spoken about the late Chicago’s archbishop, Francis Cardinal George the best tribune comes from Pat Hickey in his blog, With Both Hands. If you haven’t acquainted yourself with Pat Hickey, you should do so now. He is more authentically a Chicagoan from the neighborhoods than Studs Terkel or any... Read more »

No raise for Chicago public school teachers...

and a tax increase for everyone else. It’s nut-cutting time for Chicago Public Schools. Chicago schools are in such a mess that the options are down to just a few, including, no raise for Chicago Public School teachers and a tax increase for everyone else. Even with that, bankruptcy could well be in the future... Read more »
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