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How to accelerate the Illinois exodus

Don’t reopen the schools. Or keep everyone in the dark about whether they will open. Illinois parents and students are still at sea, wondering if their schools will reopen in the fall.  At best, Gov. J.B. Pritzker and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot are vague about when they will. Lightfoot says that Chicago schools won’t reopen until... Read more »

'Zay N. Smith, graceful Sun-Times writer on Mirage tavern series, QT column, has died at 71'

“His work as ‘Norty the Bartender’ with legendary reporter Pam Zekman in the investigation of everyday Chicago corruption cemented his place in newspaper history.” Zay Smith was a friend, but more importantly someone I deeply admired for his journalism skills and his goodness. Here is a beautiful remembrance of Zay written by Chicago Sun-Times columnist... Read more »

Illinois will not survive this, Gov. Pritzker

Just how long do you think that Illinois can survive the vice grip that you and Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot with which you are crushing the economy with? I’ve moved from Illinois, so I guess I shouldn’t care anymore, but it’s still my hometown, and you squeezing the crap out of it with your insanity. The Illinois Policy... Read more »

Illinois taxpayers are NOT required to keep feeding the state workers' pension funds

Why has feeding Illinois government workers’ pensions funds taken precedence over other desperate needs, especially as the coronavirus has added another crippling dimension to state’s already deadly fiscal crisis? Here’s a surprise: Illinois taxpayers don’t have to.  Not even to conform to the state’s constitution requirement that no government worker’s pension benefits can be diminished. No doubt... Read more »

The Democrats' idea of 'transparency'

For that, we turn to California, a state that is as much in the grip of Democrats as the once-great state of Illinois. From Adam Andrzejewski, CEO & Founder of the public interest group, OpenTheBooks we discover that “From Out of the 50 states, California is the only one that refuses to produce its state checkbook to our... Read more »

Chicago loses more high-tech innovators than any large city

It’s no news that Chicago (and Illinois) are losing population. But what doesn’t get much attention is who is being lost: The nation’s top high-tech talent. That makes Chicago’s population loss all that more significant. Because these high-tech innovators are job creator. The bad news was found in a Brookings  study as reported in the New York... Read more »

How the woke are screwing up the cities

This won’t go over well with the “woke,” “social justice warriors” and “virtue signalers.” They are driving people–mostly the middle class–out of America’s and the world’s cities. That includes Chicago, where departures continue to exceed arrivals. This hypothesis is detailed by Joel Kotkin* in  an article, “Mayors won’t rule the world,” in Quillette: In reality, the validity of... Read more »

The Obamas' defense of their Jackson Park menhir is daffy

Barack and Michelle this week displayed astonishing ignorance about their own Jackson Park Obama Center. Their argument that the center needs to be in Jackson Park rather than a better in-community location in the depressed South Side is moronic. They both went on and on about how the center would be an economic boost to the South Side. It... Read more »

Will taxpayers subsidize striking teachers?

Will taxpayers end up paying teachers for every day they are on strike? Not a silly a question. In the private sector, striking workers actually give up their pay and they never recover the lost money. No so with Chicago schools. Every day a strike closes the schools is a day that in many cases must... Read more »

Good riddance, Byrne

Here’s some more reaction to my good-bye column lamenting Chicago’s and Illinois’ mess: Seems I’m leaving a lot of angry people behind.  My historical novel: Madness: The War of 1812 Want to subscribe to the Barbershop? Type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. My list is completely... Read more »
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