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I didn't notice that Al Sharpton wasn't in Chicago

But ace Chicago writer Carol Felsenthal did. She noted his absence in a recent post, “Where Have You Gone, Al Sharpton? Chicago Turns Its Frightened Eyes to You. Late last year, Rev. Sharpton announced a bold plan to set up shop in Chicago. What happened?” Turns out that Sharpton, himself, finally returned her call and gave this... Read more »

Chicago's approaching doomsday

You thought bankrupt Detroit was bad? Read this informative analysis by Reboot Illinois and come to more fully understand why Chicago’s situation is possibly worse. It took many years of warnings before Illinois state lawmakers and most taxpayers finally grasped the danger of the debt the state had accumulated with its five public employee pension systems. Now... Read more »

The 'faulty bumping post' might have saved lives in the CTA train accident at O'Hare Airport

Thankfully, no one was killed and the 30-some  people did not suffer life-threatening injuries in the spectacular crash of a CTA L train on Monday in the O’Hare Airport Terminal. The question has come up, though, whether injuries could have been prevented if the “bumping post”–a heavy, metal shock absorber at the end of the... Read more »

France is right about crime on Chicago's South and West Sides

When France warned tourists about crime on Chicago’s South and West Sides, it was only reflecting reality. Some Chicagoans and commentators have worked themselves into high dudgeon over the French Foreign Ministry’s warnings that tourists avoid visiting parts of the South Side and West Side.  I quite understand that we don’t want to take the... Read more »

Name The Billy Goat Tavern a national historic landmark

Everyone seems to agree that the Bill Goat drinking hole is a landmark. So why not? Name the Billy Goat Tavern a national historical landmark. Or a Chicago landmark. Or one of the 10 most threatened Illinois landmarks. It’s deserving: It’s a small business, one that attracts tourists and helps define Chicago–at least the lower... Read more »

Hurray for Chicago's speed cameras

Haven’t we had enough whining from motorists who think they should be able to tear through city streets without getting nailed by speed cameras? The bellyaching has started again with the news that the cameras would have generated more — possibly much more — revenue than had been projected by Mayor Rahm Emanuel when he... Read more »

Jesse Owens, not Samuel Gompers, should be the name of the South Side school

What fool in the Chicago Public School bureaucracy decided to remove the name of fabled, black Olympic star Jesse Owens and replace it with Samuel Gompers?   Samuel Gompers? Sure, he is a famous American who, as a founder of the American Federal of Labor, deserves to be remembered and honored. But Jesse Owens resonates... Read more »

Hear two of my Chicago favorites: Milt Rosenberg interviews Joseph Epstein

Milt Rosenberg has been informing, educating and entertaining Chicagoans and all those within reach of the 50,000-watt giant, WGN Radio, for more than three decades. He created talk show radio on the smart side, and continues today with his own podcasts at Joseph Epstein is an accomplished essayist and writer (to say the least). I regularly... Read more »

Detroit Has Just 9,700 Workers but 21,000 Retirees Drawing Benefits

Is this Chicago’s or Illinois’ future? Detroit’s pensioners are right. The city’s financial problems aren’t their fault, nor is the city’s deep budget hole caused by the checks it issues to retirees, most of whom get about $1,600 a month. But it is true that the funds are not generating enough income to keep pace... Read more »

Chicago Teachers Union can thank itself for some layoffs

The current Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) contract negotiated after the strike gives teachers raises averaging more than 17 percent over four years. Seventeen percent! A school system running a $1-billion deficit can’t afford it, and the CTU knew it. In other words, the union chose to get big pay increases for some teachers at the... Read more »
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