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Can We the People govern ourselves?

We take for granted that the democratic or republican forms of government are inevitable and natural, that they are the best way to govern, and certainly far ahead of whatever comes in second. If so, then, how do you explain: Illinois? Chicago? The federal government? All challenge the everyday assumption that We the People can... Read more »

Democracy sucks

How else, other than democracy sucks, to explain the horrendous state of Chicago and Illinois. How else to explain the seemingly ho-hum attitude (see John Kass’ eloquent column) toward former IRS executive Lois Lerner’s missing two (yes, two!) years of emails and the oh-so coincidental hard drive crash to some of the people who received... Read more »

I didn't notice that Al Sharpton wasn't in Chicago

But ace Chicago writer Carol Felsenthal did. She noted his absence in a recent post, “Where Have You Gone, Al Sharpton? Chicago Turns Its Frightened Eyes to You. Late last year, Rev. Sharpton announced a bold plan to set up shop in Chicago. What happened?” Turns out that Sharpton, himself, finally returned her call and gave this... Read more »

Chicago's approaching doomsday

You thought bankrupt Detroit was bad? Read this informative analysis by Reboot Illinois and come to more fully understand why Chicago’s situation is possibly worse. It took many years of warnings before Illinois state lawmakers and most taxpayers finally grasped the danger of the debt the state had accumulated with its five public employee pension systems. Now... Read more »

Durbin also promised that you could keep your health insurance under Obamacare

What, Chicago is so short of accused grafters that we have to import them?

Now comes the news that the guy that was supposed to be watching the city of Chicago’s money has been indicted in an alleged $500,000 kickback scheme while he was overseeing the state of Ohio’s state investments. On top of that comes even more news that the official, Amer Ahmad, was working as Chicago’s comptroller... Read more »

Must read: The comings and goings of Obama’s pal Eric Whitaker

If you don’t know who Eric Whitaker is (or if you do and don’t care), you should read this fine piece of reporting by Carol Felsenthal in I won’t try to summarize it here because there is so much interesting detail. Whether you like or dislike President Barack Obama, this is one of the most... Read more »

Keep the RTA; junk Metra, CTA and Pace service boards

Pardon me while I take a moment to guffaw at Democratic gubernatorial candidate Bill Daley’s politically and transparently self-serving proposal to eliminate the Regional Transportation Authority. Same goes for Democratic Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s aspersions cast in the direction of the RTA in an effort to discredit the transit agency in the wake of the scandals... Read more »

We owe Metra's Alex Clifford for exposing Illinois' patronage innards

In 2011, when Alex Clifford was brought to Chicago from Los Angeles to fix Metra, the commuter rail operation, someone neglected to warn him about the way things are done here. Or if someone did, Clifford — an experienced transportation professional — didn’t pay attention or play along. Good for him. But for acting ethically,... Read more »

Chicago should ban body wash

Environmentalists, with typical elan, are pushing the City Council to forbid Chicago stores from packing shoppers’ groceries or other purchases in plastic bags. The ban’s sponsor, Ald. Proco “Joe” Moreno, 1st, says he might have enough votes to pass the ban if Mayor Rahm Emanuel doesn’t oppose it — as if waiting for Daddy to... Read more »
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