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Dems in control; same old, same old

Well, it didn’t take long. Before echoes of a New-Day-is-Coming died down, Democrats in Chicago and Illinois were back to pulling the same old stunts. In Springfield, J.B. Pritzker rambled on and on in his inauguration speech about, gee, “better roads, better schools, better wages” and “fearless ideas.” But he ignored the biggest issue–pensions. Not a word. ... Read more »

Chicago makes Detroit look good

Everyone who has credit cards or a mortgage is acutely aware of just how burdensome interest alone can be on personal debt. When you have excessive debts, just the interest on those loans can gobble up money for other things that you want or need. So it is with government. Pain-in-the-necks like me always are... Read more »

Ald. Ed Burke charged with extortion

Imagine that. A Chicago alderman getting indicted. Unheard of. Reports the Chicago Sun-Times: Ald. Ed Burke has been charged with one count of attempted extortion for allegedly trying to use his powerful position on the City Council to solicit business for his private law firm, according to a newly unsealed criminal complaint. The charges revolve around... Read more »

Dan Ryan: Gone, but forgotten

Who is Dan Ryan to have a Chicago expressway named after him? Does anyone younger than 70 have a clue about who this jamoke is? That’s basically the question that Chicago mayoral candidate Billy Daley was asking when, in a brazenly transparent grab for black votes, he suggested that the Interstate highway on the South Side... Read more »

Crain's: Luring Amazon to Chicago would have cost $2.253 billion

Would it have been worth it? Thanks to some fine reporting by Crain’s Chicago Business columnist Greg Hinz, we have at last discovered what taxpayers would have had to cough up to lure Amazon to locate its second headquarters here. Among the eye-opening disclosures that came as a result of a Freedom of Information Act... Read more »

Will Ed Burke be the biggest fish in Chicago that the FBI has ever snared?

This just in: Sources: Federal agents raid powerful Chicago Ald. Ed Burke’s City Hall office. Oh wow. Is the Trump justice department prepared to indict Ed Burke, the longest serving alderman–50 years? So soon before the “powerful” Burke runs again from the southwest side 14th ward? To me that would be the biggest fish among the dozens that... Read more »

Don't rename Green Briar Park after Ed Kelly

Friends of the Parks has conducted a campaign to keep the venerable name of Green Briar Park from being replaced by former ward boss and Park District Supt. Ed Kelly. My kindergarten graduation ceremony was held on the second floor of the Green Briar Park field house in 1948, so my interest is personal. The... Read more »

Will Barack Obama pull the plug on the Obama Presidential Center?

The [Obama Foundation] may only be willing to fight for this for so long. Then we’re back to where we were–begging businesses to come to our community” –Paraisia Winston, a South Side resident expressing fears that legal challenges will make Obama build his center elsewhere, as reported in the Chicago Tribune. As the challenges to the Obama... Read more »

Emanuel's new budget is "balanced?" Ha ha.

In his latest and last new budget message, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants to assure us all is well. Not to worry. Things are in hand. Sure. Except that not all is well. It’s just more of the same, which is to say it does little or nothing to solve Chicago’s structural and long-term budget problems.... Read more »

Is Emanuel's decision not to run and his issuing $10 billion in city bonds related?

What does Rahm (Lame Duck) Emanuel plan to do after leaving the mayor’s office next year? Here’s a thought: He’s planning to issue $10 billion in bonds to help pay down the city’s huge pension debt. Imagine the commissions that the bonds will generate. Now ask where Emanuel plans to work after he leaves office.... Read more »
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