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Why Illinois needs a constitutional amendment to save itself

A former U.S. Comptroller General, David Walker, has  added his voice to the many who say that Illinois must amend its constitution “to defuse a ticking retirement time bomb” for Chicago and the state. He wrote in Truth in Accounting that the amendment should be based on a federal law– the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974... Read more »

My Cody Parkey bet

Chicago Bears place kicker did the unimaginable–nay, the impossible–by missing so many field goals and extra points, that he almost single-handedly kept the Bears from advancing in the playoffs. Or from reaching the Super Bowl. Add up all the inches that he missed those field goals and extra points, and you might begin to think that they were so... Read more »

Crain's: Luring Amazon to Chicago would have cost $2.253 billion

Would it have been worth it? Thanks to some fine reporting by Crain’s Chicago Business columnist Greg Hinz, we have at last discovered what taxpayers would have had to cough up to lure Amazon to locate its second headquarters here. Among the eye-opening disclosures that came as a result of a Freedom of Information Act... Read more »

Amazon decided not to bring its workers to a tanking Chicago and Illinois

Who can blame Amazon? Who should be surprised that Chicago and Illinois lost the much sought-after Amazon headquarters to Queens and Crystal City (New York and northern Virginia)? I mean, if you were Amazon’s boss, would you want to set up shop in  Chicago and Illinois when they are nearly bankrupt, when your income tax will... Read more »

DePaul tries to redefine the idea of a university

DePaul University has redefined the idea of a university from a place where you think, are challenged, engage in rational discussion and search for the truth. Instead, DePaul University has constructed a campus composed of the close-minded, politically correct and fraidy cats. It has tried to convert its entire campus into a “safe space” where... Read more »

Chicago investigative reporters give the Obama Center a pass

Chicago has been and still is a great town for investigative reporters. Its newspapers have won numerous awards for exposing the town’s assorted and impressive numbers of booddlers, goniffs and teefs. Splendid investigative reporting also is done by television, radio and the new digital media. But when it comes to exposing the wrongs and illegalities of... Read more »

What the Kavanaugh hearings and the Van Dyke trial have in common

The death of the time-honored and common law presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Chicago is fearful of riots if police officer Jason Van Dyke is not convicted of murder for his fatal shooting of Laquan McDonald. In Washington, Democrats unleashed a cynical assault on Supreme Court nominee Brett Cavanugh in which the the judge had to prove his... Read more »

Deadly Little Village fire helps explain Chicago's gun violence

Looking for “root causes” of the gang gun violence that is killing so many young people in Chicago? Look then to the apartment fire in Little Village that killed ten children–3 months to 16 years old–who were having a sleepover and the horrible conditions in which they were living. Imagine yourself having to grow up in... Read more »

Civic group: Obama Center process violates environmental laws

In a scathing letter to Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s administration, the non-profit Jackson Park Watch has detailed the many ways that the proposed Obama Center violates portions of America’s most important environmental protection law. The letter uses such terms as fatally flawed, disingenuous, improbable and others to describe how the city has tossed aside a number of technical... Read more »

Why the media silence on the Obama center travesty?

Except for Chicago Tribune columnist John Kass (“The Barack Obama Temple of Adoration and Fealty”)  and the paper’s editorial cartoonist Scott Stantis (“Parks we wreck”), the media have generally chosen not to probe the important questions about the serious policy, environmental and legal implications that bedevil the Obama Center. The media brushed aside a lawsuit by Protect Our... Read more »
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