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Why SCOTUS must protect Jack Phillip's right to not bake a wedding cake for a gay couple

Tuesday’s U.S. Supreme Court hearing in the Masterpiece Cakeshop v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission helped to delineate the complex issues in one of the most important religious civil rights case in years. The case will determine whether a Colorado baker, Jack Phillips, can refuse, based on his constitutional right to be free of government interference in the practice... Read more »

How to get United Airlines' attention: Dump its stock

United and other airlines today apparently don’t give a good healthy crap about what you and other passengers think about its service. The reaction by a whole lot of Americans, including myself, to the outrageous forcible removal of an airline passenger from his paid seat is to not fly the lousy, sticking airline anymore. That’ll show... Read more »

Another addition to the mountain of incomprehensible and costly federal regs

Complaints about the mountain of federal regulations that burden small businesses are too often dismissed as more right-wing blather. Until you actually see one. Here’s a recent one from OSHA (issued last October during the waning days of the Obama administration) that seeks to clarify–really?–rules about reporting on-the-job injuries. For one thing, it forbids routine drug... Read more »

Trump's regulation cuts could save $181 billion

Among the flood of executive orders issuing from President Donald Trump’s Oval Office, this one seems to have received the least attention: An order that, among other things, freezes the issuance of new regulations by the Executive Branch. Reports Fox News: According to American Action Forum (AAF) research, this [action] put a hold on $181 billion... Read more »

Next up: A Chicago ordinance prohibiting a restaurant from opening up next to an existing one

If you follow the logic in Cook County Judge Anna Helen Demacopoulos’ decision to ban food trucks from within 200 feet of an existing restaurant in the interests of “balancing” competition, Chicago should also ban new restaurants from opening next door to existing ones. According to the Chicago Sun-Times: A Cook County judge on Monday upheld... Read more »

2016 is the worst year for Illinois manufacturing since the end of the Great Recession

According to the Illinois Policy Institute: The Illinois workforce shrank by 22,000 people in August, according to a new report by the Illinois Department of Employment Security, or IDES. Unemployed people dropping out of the workforce was the entire cause of the unemployment rate dropping to 5.5 percent from 5.8 percent on the month.  Read more. Read why... Read more »

If you're reading newspapers, you're probably an old person

Reading newspapers is a habit from the past. You could ride the CTA or the Metra predecessor commuter trains and everyone was buried in a newspaper. Hard to imagine these days. Now, readers are abandoning newspapers even faster at an “alarming” rate, reports The 13th annual Pew Research State of the News Media Report... Read more »

My new freelance writer website

You may know me as a Chicago Tribune contributing op-ed columnist and prior to that a journalist at the Chicago Sun-Times and the Chicago Daily News. But I’m also a freelance writer, editor and author with a wide variety of experience and talents that can help clients put informative and interesting copy on their website,... Read more »

Minimum wage increase forces closing of indie bookstore

Borderlands Books, a San Francisco independent bookstore, is closing because it cannot afford to pay the higher minimum wage imposed by the state of California. It announced on its website: So it fills us with sorrow and horror to say that we will be closing very soon. In November, San Francisco voters overwhelmingly passed a... Read more »

Jobless rate increases in Illinois; dips in other states

The  jobless rate increases in Illinois while 16 other states were enjoying their lowest unemployment since  the start of the Great Recession. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today that Illinois’ seasonally adjusted jobless rate in October, 2013 was 8.9 percent, a rate exceeded only by Michigan, Rhode Island and Nevada.  That 8.9 percent was... Read more »
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