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Illinois' pension crisis is more fearsome than union flacks want us to believe

Among the union flacks is one Ralph Martire of the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability, a think tank well funded by Illinois public employee unions. Martire was brought in by three liberal Illinois state lawmakers at a Evanston town hall to explain, clarify or propagandize (take your choice) the Democratic solution to Illinois’ crushing pension problem. Which... Read more »

Illinois Gov. Pritzker's tax increase will only lead to yet another one

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s skeletal plan for a tax increase is so flawed that it will induce demands for even more higher taxes, according to an analysis by the Illinois Policy Institute. The problem is Pritzker’s budget is based overly optimistic and unreasonable projections for the state’s growth. The analysis discovers: When employing one of the... Read more »

Pretend Illinois finances are just ducky and the problem is solved

As the Democratic-control state of Illinois is nearly over its head in the financial quicksand, you’ll be glad to know that the Legislature will consider making penicillium the official state microbe. Dan McCaleb,of the Illinois News Network also notes other pressing issues that also are getting immediate attention, such as making SKI citrus soda the state’s official soft drink. Phew.... Read more »

A quick summary of some new taxes proposed for Illinois

Taxpayers United of America reports: After months of publicizing an increase in the Illinois gas tax, tax raisers have formally announced their ambitions. SB 102 proposed by State Sen. Martin Sandoval (D-11) would double the motor fuel tax from $.19 per gallon to $.38 per gallon. Additionally, Sandoval’s bill would increase thepassenger vehicle registration fee... Read more »

Pritzker's budget: sweet dreams

Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s inaugural budget dreams that the state is taking the first steps towards fiscal solvency. In fact, Pritzker’s budget is a wide-awake nightmare, one that hallucinates that continuing the freakish policies that plummeted Illinois into its current financial crisis will save the state. And not make anything worse. Elizabeth Bauer, writing in Forbes, correctly... Read more »

Hey, Chicago taxpayer, you owe $36,000

Here’s a number that you won’t hear much of in the run-up to the election of the next mayor of Chicago: $36,000. That’s your share of Chicago’s $32.5 billion debt burden, based on an analysis of the city’s latest available audited financial reports Truth in Accounting.  The $36,000 figure comes from a  new analysis of the latest available audited financial reports... Read more »

Why Illinois needs a constitutional amendment to save itself

A former U.S. Comptroller General, David Walker, has  added his voice to the many who say that Illinois must amend its constitution “to defuse a ticking retirement time bomb” for Chicago and the state. He wrote in Truth in Accounting that the amendment should be based on a federal law– the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974... Read more »

Oh sure, Pritzker, Madigan and Democrats will fix Illinois

Monday’s inauguration of J. B. Pritzker as Illinois’ governor is, according to his Democrats, a refreshing spring shower that will extinguish the state’s raging fiscal inferno. So pardon me for pointing out that the blaze is so out of control that it will take more than the new Democratic supermajority in the Legislature, a Democratic governor... Read more »

Bleep 'My way or the highway'

Please. Stop. This idiom is for idiots. The politicians who have accused an opponent of engaging in “My way the highway” rhetoric are picking a scab. They persuade only the simpleminded. They only expose their  shallowness. The idiom shows up almost a million times in a Google search. Politicians in both Springfield–Illinois’ state capital–and Washington D.C. use it... Read more »

Rauner goes, Madigan stays, Illinois' problems worsen

Over the next five days, J.B. Pritzker becomes the 43rd governor of Illinois, succeeding Bruce Rauner. Michael Madigan gets re-elected by his flock to yet another term as Speaker of the House. And Illinois will circle the drain. Heading toward the darkness below, even faster than before. Put aside the absurd speculation that with the new dawn, Pritzker and Madigan... Read more »
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