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Criminalizing opposition to abortion

More efforts from the fascist left to shut down opponents of abortion and free speech. Reports Denise Burke in National Review: Abortion advocates around the world and particularly in the United States are increasingly abandoning their professed political and moral adherence to “choice,” and instead adopting an agenda of coercion. Nowhere is this dangerous and calculated... Read more »

GOP aimed to turn Congress into a version of the Chicago City Council

The Republican Party’s effort to gut the independent office that investigates and prosecutes congressional ethics violations has the distinct smell of Chicago aldermen who canned the Independent Legislative Inspector and his office that probed Chicago City Council ethics violations. As its first act and in secret, Republicans had planned to neuter the independent Office of... Read more »

Chicago aldermen shed light on Bill and Hillary Clinton's sense of entitlement

Sometimes it’s hard to believe that Bill and Hillary Clinton could be as corrupt as their critics say. How can anyone believe that their “public service” could entitlement for such a startling flow of personal enrichment? Could they really be leveraging their positions of pubic trust to reap hundreds of millions–yes, hundreds of millions–of dollars... Read more »

Do NOT privatize TSA security at O'Hare Airport

As someone who often favors privatization of incompetent, slap-dash and uncaring government work, I have to implore: Do NOT privatize TSA security at O’Hare Airport as Mayor Rahm Emanuel and some “powerful” Chicago aldermen are suggesting. That’s because they’ll hand over our safety to the Chicago Way of doing things. In other words, they’ll put... Read more »

Chicago's goofy and false 'anti-torture' ordinance

Pat Hickey slices and dices the torture ban passed unanimously (who can be for torture?) by the City Council–supposedly the first such action by any American city, and doesn’t that make us proud.  Makes as much sense as the nuclear-free-zone ordinance. To those pushing such “symbolic” gestures, I hope it makes you feel better. It... Read more »

"Chicago Code" Fakery

  An alderman running Chicago? That’s what we’re supposed to believe when we’re watching Fox’s new cop show, “Chicago Code.” That might sound plausible to Hollywood, but it makes it hard for us to watch. Especially when how Chicago really operates is a lot more entertaining.  Chicago Code, which I assume is its take on the... Read more »

Does Chicago need a "nice" mayor or a hard guy?

( Alex Garcia, Chicago Tribune / January 13, 2011 ) A strong field: Chicago mayoral candidates Miguel del Valle, from left, Rahm Emanuel, Carol Moseley Braun and Gery Chico make their first appearance as a foursome Friday to field questions from the Chicago Tribune editorial board. How’s this for irony? In the rough and tumble... Read more »

Google's list of Chicago's 10 most frequent searches

Schools and education. And you thought it might be sports, politics or porn. See the city-by-city lists here. And check out the Year According to Google, below. 

Can Chicago function as a democracy?

Whoever inherits Daley’s City Hall office will face problems lined up to the horizon It didn’t take long after Mayor Richard M. Daley announced his retirement that talk began turning to his “heir apparent,” or at least the lack of one. Why hasn’t he endorsed an heir apparent? Why didn’t he groom anyone for the... Read more »
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