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A new term for killing an unborn baby: "Fetal demise"

When the criminal proceedings concluded against Dynel Catrece Lane who cut a 7-month-old pre-born child, Aurora Wilkins, from her mother’s womb, it was determined that Wilkins hadn’t really killed the unborn baby. The authorities ruled that it was fetal demise, as if the child had died on its own, the result of a miscarriage. This bizarre legal straight... Read more »

Help pregnant women choose life

Aid for Women is a Chicago-area organization that helps women choose life by providing a wide range of services, including residential programs. It puts the lie to the favorite stereotype of pro-choicers that pro-lifers don’t care about anybody once they are born. Its North Chapter of the Aid for Women Auxiliary holds its annual spring luncheon... Read more »

How Chris Matthews nailed Donald Trump

The way that MSNBC bloviator/interviewer Chris Matthews nailed Donald Trump should be a textbook lesson for other journalists on how not to let the billionaire/insider/simpleton/loser get away with his facile and dishonest answers. That’s according to Poynter Institute’s savvy senior media writer James Warren, who this morning penned an insightful column reminding journalists that they... Read more »

Where does Donald Trump stand on abortion?

It’s hard to tell. As on many issues, it’s difficult to nail him down. Question him directly and he fills the air with non sequiturs, answers to questions weren’t asked, personal attacks and other rip-rap until you’ve entirely forgotten the question. So, here is an article in that tries to sort it out: Republican... Read more »

More than 5,000 march for life in downtown Chicago in -15 degree wind chill

Maybe you didn’t see this on the news: Read why Americans need to learn about the nation’s most ignored war.  Find out what freelance editorial services I can provide for you. Want to be notified by email when I post? Type your email address in the box and click the “create subscription” button. My list is completely... Read more »

Obama's Education Dept. forces Palatine high school district to bow to transgender locker room edict

UPDATE: A response to Politifact’s mischaracterization of the Palatine Township High School District 211 transgender issues is here. This is my take on Obama’s Education Dept. recent  steamrolling of Palatine Township High School District 211 to cave in to a bureaucratic edict that it give a student who is biologically a boy but now defines... Read more »

Can you be forced to have an abortion?

Yes, you can, says Charlie Sheen’s ex-fiance, who has filed a lawsuit claiming that he forced her to have an abortion. As LifeNews reported: Ex-fiance Brett Rossi said Sheen bullied her to abort their unborn child in 2014, ranting that she would “give birth to a retarded child,” according to People. Sheen also allegedly said he... Read more »

Oh dear, a botched abortion

Botched abortions are supposed to be rare. Abortions are supposed to be safe enough that they can be done in clinics that are exempted from standard government health provider regulations. Anyone who suggests that women need more protection from the risks of abortion is supposedly conducting a “war on women.” Well then, here’s a case... Read more »

More media bias against pro-life successes in Chicago

Yesterday I posted a story here that I thought important enough that readers, both progressives and conservatives, should know. It was the closing of the Albany Medical-Surgical Center Family Planning Associates abortion clinic after it was cited by the state for health and safety violations. It represented a victory for women who had been victimized by... Read more »

Notorious Albany abortion clinic in Chicago closes

UPDATE: Read about how the Chicago media buried this story here. That’s according to the Pro-Life Action League, which for years has been fighting to hold the Albany Medical-Surgical Center Family Planning Associates abortion clinic accountable for its safety violations. Such unsafe conditions, the League has argued, resulted in the deaths of four women. The... Read more »
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