The attempted coup by Trump supporters



Never before have American rioters stormed their own seat of government in what is nothing short of a coup attempt.

The last time the Capitol was breached was in 1954 by Puerto Rican terrorists who shoot up the House and killed two. The time before and the only other time was in 1814 during the War of 1812 when British troops, after defeating American forces at the Battle of Bladensburg, marched into the District of Columbia and burned the Capitol and the White House.

One thinks of the French Revolution and the mob storming the Bastile and the violent anarchy that followed. These traitors stormed into the Senate chambers and at this point one person was fatally shot.

Pictures of rioters (please don't say protestors) showed punks occupying the Senate dais and the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. It is a direct attack on democracy, the worst kind that we have seen in the past year. While far-left rioters in Portland and elsewhere did attack federal  facilities, nothing is as historic and unprecedented than what we are seeing this afternoon. Even the take-over of the Wisconsin state capital by organized labor and others does not rise to today outrageous actions.

It took three hours before there was a show of force by police, an inexcusable delay. Where was President Donald Trump? He tweeted something about the need for calm and peace. After the Whiner-in-Chief spent more than a hour raging that encouraged the craziest to assault the Capitol and our form of government.

President-elect Joe Biden correctly called the action an "insurrection." He called on Trump to go on national television to calm the situation. Too late, Trump finally issued a video in which he repeated his "stolen election" rhetoric and urging his supporters to come home peacefully. He turned himself into a laughing stock by repeating his claim that he won the election by a "landslide." His self-pity can only remind everyone of Stacy Abrams claiming that she won the governorship of George.

Conservatives correctly condemned the violence from antifa and liberals correctly pointed out that most of the protesters were peaceful. The same might be said about the thousands of Trump  supporters who came to Washington.

It does no use for the Republican National Committee to issue a reminder that Democrats failed to condemn the left-wing violence. Or point out that numerous Republican leaders have condemned in the strongest terms the invasion of the Capitol.


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  • Not that I think todays action was commendable, however, the months of looting, rioting, burning and outright murdering that we have all gone through since the Spring, was far more serious in nature and relatively unaddressed in todays Subhuman form of Government. Nancy and her merry band of Socialists are reaping what they have sown. How does it feel?

  • In reply to SunPeach:

    I fully agree with this. After having an election stolen from them and 2 mooks from Georgia selected to the senate, I think good, decent people are simply fed up with this crap. I hope the guy in Pelosi's office [bleep] on her desk!

  • In reply to mancow:

    Can you point me to any of the proof that an election was stolen? All I've seen are people who talk a big game on social media and then go to court and say 'we don't have any proof to show'. Case after case after case has been thrown out, by judges appointed by Trump, because they didn't bring any evidence.

    But, I suppose you have some that has been presented in court somewhere? Enough to support 'having an election stolen from them'?

    Good decent people don't bring zip ties with them when they are looking for where the Senators are hiding.

  • In reply to mancow:

    The only evidence of the election being stolen is Trump saying so and people believing it. They FEEL the election was stolen despite zero evidence. Do you believe you know better than the dozens of judges who have carefully reviewed the cases?
    "They feel frustrated, upset, etc"
    What happened to f*** your feelings?

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