Rules for posting on my blog

I never thought I'd have to write this post, but the tone of some of the comments from readers have gotten way out of hand.

Mostly, I cannot continue to allow personal attacks on other people who comment. Calling them scumbags and the like will not be allowed here. Such attacks  will be cause for blocking your participation.

I also will look for logical and fact-based argumentation that address the specifics of any commentator's remarks. Constructing straw men and deploying red herrings will not be permitted. Responses must address the actual argumentation that has been made. Respect is encouraged.

I had thought that I might require that any posters must use their real names, based on how cowardly it is to hurl invective anonymously. Newspapers, for example, always require confirmed identification for any letters-to-the-editor that they publish. Real names. They also chose which letters to publish based on a number of standards. Personal pot shots are not allowed. Editing is standard procedure.

Confirmed IDs are still on the table, depending on how it goes from here on. In the meantime, I exercise every publisher's right, to be selective about what is posted and to edit posts to eliminate offenses against my standards of decency.

So, I am looking for intelligent, respectful discussion on my blog. Those unable to do so will be gone.

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  • Dennis, are you the publisher of ChicagoNow? According to the web page,, it "is owned by the Chicago Tribune Media Group." In setting up this forum, the Chicago Tribune Media Group has announced that "we impose as few rules as possible--certainly fewer and different ones than we have on You can read what we expect in our blogger guidelines, community guidelines and comments policy."

    Has the Tribune appointed you censor?

  • In reply to jnorto:

    Dude here's a penny, go buy a life and I want change back.

    You're the type of trolls he's talking about.....

  • In reply to jnorto:

    Here's the comment policy from ChicagoNow:

    "We make two different commenting systems available to our bloggers: An internal WordPress-based comment system and Facebook Comments.

    Our bloggers are permitted to choose which of these systems they want to use for their blogs, and are charged with maintaining his or her community as they see fit. It's up to them to decide what kind of language and the level of civility will be permitted in their comments."

    No, I'm not the publisher of ChicagoNow. I am the publisher of my blog and I can set my own rules. The ChicagoNow policy in general requires such things as disclosing conflicts of interest.

    Allowing you to post a comment is entirely at my discretion.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    > teachers union leaders have become the enemy of our children.

  • fb_avatar

    About time.

  • You know the old saying, if you look around the poker table and you don’t know who the sucker is, it could be because it’s you? Reading Mr. jnorto’s numerous posts, he has no clue these new rules about red herrings and straw men might be about him?

  • Remember, Mad Cow and Get Out, "Personal pot shots are not allowed."

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