Fire the teachers who won't teach

An empty classroom at Lane Tech College Prep. (John J. Kim / Chicago Tribune)

An empty classroom at Lane Tech College Prep. This is where the students must be, not imprisoned at home. (John J. Kim / Chicago Tribune)

Update: "Kids are hurting in all kinds of ways."

And fire the administrators who insist on closing their schools to in-class teaching. Fire the school boards that meekly cave in to the ideological, political and anti-science agenda that demands that America's school children be punished in this cruel and stupid way.

Frustrated children and parents have had more than enough of the "policy" that blindly insists that students are better off "learning" in front of a computer at home. As well as the policy that demands students stay home because they are "at risk" of contracting the novel coronavirus that causes Covid-19.

The science doesn't support this extreme, dangerous and callous genuflection to political correctness. Repeatedly, studies have confirmed, again and again, that students are not in the kind of danger that the woke would have us believe. The woke being the political left, the education lobby that thinks it knows best (but doesn't), the teachers unions that put their money and convenience ahead of the children they claim to care about. I include in that group the self-satisfied who dump on parents for supposedly not caring about their children because, we're to believe, parents who want their schools open are blindly sending them into a hell hole.

With all the talk about the importance of suburban women in the coming election, I would be mindful that many of them are mothers who are fed up with being told they must obey. That they're stupid if they don't follow the dictates of "educators."

How odd that teachers who are truly essential ingredients in the in-school education of children devalue themselves so much that they are willing to strike to prove how unessential they are.

To get a clearer picture of the true science, check out this COVID-19 School Response Dashboard. There you'll find that 0.141 percent of students in hybrid or in-person settings (excluding remote only students) have tested positive for Covid-19. That's a daily case rate of 10 per 100,000 students. 

As far as staff goes, the infection rate is 0.36 percent, or 26 daily cases per 100,000 staff. And here come the teachers unions whining about the threat to their life and health if they have to go back to work. Not to mention the fact that many get paid for not returning to their classroom, something that irresponsible schools boards are allowing to happen.

Notice that not even this dashboard presents the most crucial bit of information: How many of those who tested positive showed no symptoms? How many showed symptoms but were not seriously ill? How many became seriously ill? How many were admitted to the hospital? How many survived their hospital stays? How many died?

Little of this is getting reported, to the everlasting shame of the nation's media. Just as little of that kind of essential information is getting much attention for the population as a whole.

Here's a good argument for re-opening schools that every teacher, administrator and school board member should be required to read: "End the School Shutdown: In-person classes turn out not to cause spikes in cases or fatality. But keeping kids home has a high cost."

As the story notes, the cost of keeping children confined to what so many of them feel like prison is high--too high to continue this insane policy. Depression and anxiety. Loss of valuable learning time. Loss of future wages. Increase in class and racial disparities. And more. Study after study document the serious and dangerous consequences of the tyrannical and self-satisfied education lobby.

Americans have surrendered their hard-fought freedoms to experts who time after time demonstrated to be at sea if not completely wrong in their predictions for fighting coronavirus. It's time for us to retake control and place our fate in our own hands.

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  • This is pretty typical Dennis. Not only ignore facts, but go out of your way not to be exposed to them or allow others to learn them.

    This article... See, we are taking all these precautions and the results are not catastrophic. Surely this means that the precautions are not necessary, right? What will happen when the schools stop their 'hybrid' approaches? Well, the number of students in the schools at any one time doubles. Right now, my children's school has removed half of the desks from each classroom, so the students and teacher can practice social distancing. The rooms are disinfected when the school is empty, between the morning and afternoon sessions. Let's double the number of kids/desks so that we can no longer social distance because of crowding. We can't disinfect during the day because the school doesn't empty out at the mid-point.

    Surely, without social distancing and without disinfecting, the infection rates will stay the same, won't they? Isn't that common sense? Right Dennis? Let's cram them all back in there and hope that even if they aren't symptomatic, they don't carry the virus between families. This has to be the most asinine and poorly thought out article I've seen from Dennis. That is, unless you account for the fact that this isn't an article about science or schools. This is an article about politics and unions. Every ridiculous thing that Dennis says starts to make a little more sense when you can look at this through the same lens that Dennis uses.

  • fb_avatar
    In reply to BillDCat:

    Politics and unions are the driving force. Not to see that is like driving while wearing blinkers.

    Thanks for speaking out on this Dennis.

  • In reply to Ken Dietz:

    Then why doesn't Dennis just come out and say that? Why hide behind this pretense that there is some science supporting him?

    I think we know why. Without the pretense of science, then it is just Dennis' politics against anyone else's. Not the most compelling of arguments...

  • In reply to BillDCat:

    Again, you attribute to me something I have not said. I am not urging schools to reopen without proper safety measures. Again, you dismiss the science regarding the safe opening of schools without citing contrary evidence.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    Why don't you ever actually point us to this science? So far, all of your arguments seem to be that when taking precautions, the precautions work. Therefore, the precautions are unnecessary.

  • Teachers just have to suck it up and be as brave as a 7-11 clerk. Until they do teachers are just proving how non-essential they are.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    They just have to, right? I mean, Richard, if that is your name, we've done a good job of getting an underclass who can work our 7-11's and not have any recourse, like a decent paying job that doesn't suck. Won't it be great when we can get our teachers to that point? Why should they think they don't just have to do what Richard wants them to do? Do they think they are educated people who fill an important function and shouldn't just have to lick the boots who people who seem to claim that their name is Richard?

    Richard, something's wrong with this world when our servants start getting funny ideas about their rights and thinking that they are owed some self-determination. That is, if your name is Richard. Who are you?

  • In reply to BillDCat:

    Here is my bio, Shadow Man.
    Now, who are you, besides a person with too much time on his hands?

    Okay, maybe teachers don't have to be as brave as a 7-11 clerk, but perhaps they can muster the courage of a Jewel cashier.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    How do I know that is your bio? Anyone can post any stupid thing on the internet that they want. Thus, we are here discussing Dennis' column.

    But, if you really want my bio, here it is:

    I almost wonder if you will actually address anything I say, now, or just continue to be upset that you don't know where I live?

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    I guess your solution is to hire your children's teachers from 7-11.

  • In reply to jnorto:

    They would be braver and know more about life than your average teacher, Shadow Man.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Good luck with that!

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Your argument seems to be that you can read everyone's mind and therefore we should just trust you. This is very compelling and I'm really considering changing my point of view.

  • Fire the bloggers who sit safely, smugly in their dens telling other people to go out and risk their lives and the lives of the vulnerable around them.

    Chill, Dennis. You can do a bad enough job echoing the alternate reality of the Fox bubble without pretending to be a medical expert.

    Leave pretend expertise to the Pretend Expert in Charge.

  • In reply to Bob Abrams:

    Have you experienced the "shock of recognition" in speaking of smug and condescending bloggers telling people to go and risk their lives?

  • It's funny that you never discuss how too make schools safer so they can reopen.. And a subtext of your post seems to be that science has gotten everything wrong about Covid. Without following the science---Fauci, et al,--- your call" to place our fate in our own hands" may just result in leaving more blood on them.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Those safety measures have been widely discussed and I support them. Never said I didn't as BillDCat alleges.

  • My daughter is a kindergarten teacher and is there everyday - in person. Not because she wants to but she has to. Last year she was sick multiple times as kindergartners are like walking petrie dishes - if a child is asymptomatic but carrying the virus, chances are she could get it. I'm so sick and tired of teachers getting a bad rap over this - there is valid fear yet all you talk about is that it's political. You spew "facts" which aren't facts at all. Spend a few days in a classroom with 18 6 year olds spreading their little germs everywhere. Then stop talking about firing teachers who are underpaid and overworked.

  • In reply to Teppi Jacobsen:

    And yet the science says that the transmission from kids to teachers is rare.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    We're taking all these precautions and the precautions appear to be working. Therefore, we do not need the precautions.

  • No wonder kids today are stupid as f*ck BLM Antifa idiot activists.

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