One reason that people will vote against Biden

The supercilious, arrogant Biden supporters. This is from a Facebook post by an Illinois public official. I'll keep his name out of it. Here it is:

Now is the most consequential election in Anyone's (sic) lifetime (sic) we are faced with a choice of a good decent man, Joe Biden  and the worst sewer trash a horror movie fan could ever imagine. Those voting for Trump are delusional, deceived or in a cult that can't discern what a self centered (sic) egotist who is only concerned about himself could continue to destroy our Democracy. God help us if Trump is re-elected. I have never thought ill of anyone who expresses an opinion different than mine. Until now. I have a hard time respecting people I cared for professionally or personally supporting Trump.. Vote your conscience. If you have one.

In other words, he can't respect the deplorables.


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  • Dennis, you, yourself, have excoriated Trump. and called him an idiot and a moron. Deserved so. Biden has not referred to Trump supporters as "deplorables" so why bring that up? Needless to say, it is pathetic that so many people are taken in by this con man.

    BTW, two things bother me about your post. One, why imply that all or most Biden supporters are "supercillious" and "arrogant"? Two, why not name the public official? Sorry, but Trump makes up so many stories which the Republicans accept by their silence that any allegation made against Biden supporters should be substantiated before it's to be believed.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    Sorry, I should have written "Biden supporters who are supercilious and arrogant," which would have suggested that not all are.

    I didn't want to name the public official to save him the trouble of getting a nasty response from my side.

  • Of course we can't respect the deplorables. They live in an alternate universe where truth, science and decency have no place.

    They (you) support a man whose very existence is the antithesis of their pre-Trump beings.

    He is the polar opposite of religious or spiritual. He only gets to church when he can have the Army bully their way through protesters for a photo op.

    He is the polar opposite of patriotic. He continually sides with Vladimir Putin, uses a wall of dead Americans as a backdrop for his whine fest and thinks he knows more than the generals.

    He is anything but a unifier, constantly deriding black shooting victims and black athletes while praising every white person with a gun, a torch or a Confederate flag.

    In the eyes of anyone capable of critical thought, there is scant daylight between every deplorable and those who believe that devil worshiping, baby eating Hollywood pedophiles are trying to take over the world.

  • In reply to Bob Abrams:

    Wow, lots of generalizations there, Bob. See Wired comment above about generalizations.

  • A Conservative whining about being generalized when they are so quick to label others
    - Non Religious as Heathens
    - LGBT as pedophiles and rapists
    - Women as feminazis
    - Black people as thugs and criminals
    - Hispanics as Illegal immigrants
    - Asians as Chinese spies
    - Anyone with brown skin as ISIS members or terrorists.
    - The Media as fake news
    - People from the city as savages .

  • There simply is no rational defense of a historically corrupt, racist President who has killed over 180,000 Americans.

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