Joe Biden stumbles his way through a friendly interview

This is terrifying. Asked a simple question on The View, Joe Biden stumbled for more than three minutes trying to explain...Well, you have to watch for yourself.

As much as I dislike President Donald Trump, can I really vote for someone who can't form a simple sentence? What are the implications when he meets with the Russian, Chinese, North Korean or other tyrants and the chips are down? How can he explain his policies to the American public without reading a speech written for him. Would he know what's in the speech?  How can he answer tough questions from the media--if his handlers ever allow him?

As much as Trump scares the hell out of some people, can you imagine how frightful a Biden presidency would be?

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  • Saw a movie on TCM the other day, “The Senator was Indiscreet”. William Powell 1947. A bumbling crooked Senator blackmails his party into nominating him for President with lists of crooked deals he would expose. Of course, he has his own crooked deals. He sounded just like Biden, rambling, no focus, telling old stories, hard to put a full sentence together. Scary, except it was a comedy. Biden isn’t.

  • Oh man, you gotta do better. Why drag out a video from 18 months ago? How is that relevant today? Especially after Trump has killed over 180,000 Americans and vigorously fanned the flames of racial violence since then. Have you seen the interviews that Trump has mangled in the last month? Did you see the RNC, which wad probably better in it’s original German? No thanks, I’ll take Joe Biden, no question.

  • Would he know what's in the speech? walmartone How can he answer tough questions from the media--if his handlers ever allow him?

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