Another example of NY Times biased reporting--as if we need one

This one, of many examples, is byAnnie Karni and Maggie Haberman writing, "Trump, with his baseless attacks on Joe Biden’s mental status, may have set a trap for himself in the first debate." [Emphasis added.]

They wrote,

The misleading notion that Biden is too addled for the presidency has been driven by Trump since 2018, when he first started referring to the former vice president as Sleepy Joe. [Emphasis added.]

On what authority do they add the judgmental words "baseless" and "misleading?"

Yes, Trump is making such a charge and many people think it is wrong,  unfounded and stupid. It's perfectly fine to report that as fact.

But then they go on their own authority to dismiss as untrue the argument made by one candidate against another. It's up to the readers to make that decision unless the reporters can find objective evidence otherwise that they can cited.

Not to mention, many people do believe that Biden is addled.  But the reporters are saying that those millions are wrong too.

Doesn't the New York Times have any editors that are journalists?


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  • Come now, Dennis. It's pretty obvious that Biden is not addled. You're his age, as well as I. Are you addled? I certainly am not. The debate tomorrow night should prove this.

    BTW, if you're looking for mental incompetence, you don;t have to go any further than the guy you support, even though you have said, in some many words, that he is off his rocker.

    I wish you would, indeed, be a journalist, without nitpicking other journalists, and write about Trump's failure to pay his federal income taxes. I do. And I'm sure you do too. Give it a whirl.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    It's not a nit that I've picked. The bias is endemic and would never have been tolerated when I started journalism. At least that what was taught in journalism schools.

    Trump didn't "fail" to pay his income taxes according to what we know now. (We may learn more in the future about those questionable deductions.) If he legitimately took advantage of tax breaks that are enacted as "good public policy" and you disagree with the wisdom of those tax breaks, then you should work to get them changed,

    I'm 78 and I know that because of my age that I would not be qualified to be president. Of course everyone is different, but as my wife tells me, if I had decided at my age to run for president she would leave me. I would image that some of my readers would say that what I write in my blog proves that I'm addled.

  • Dennis, if I were to accuse you of being a child molester, wouldn't you expect a responsible journalist the report my accusation as being "baseless" and "misleading?"

  • The New York Times' media columnist, Jim Rutenberg, penned a recent ... and rarely observed in the context of other partisan or ideological issues. ... seen,” there is no need for news reporters to treat him to objective reporting.
    find here

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