America's shutdown still is based on flawed data about Covid-19's lethality

America has been on a virtual martial law shutdown for months now with no end in sight, based on unreliable if not inaccurate data about the lethality of Covid-19.

This is a never-ending argument, but the number of people who died from Covid-19 now is as imprecise as it was months ago when this debate started. At the heart of the debate is whether the patient died with Covid-19 or from Covid-19.

The crucial difference was highlighted months ago when Dr. Ngozi Ezike, an internist and pediatrician serving as the director of the Illinois Department of Public Health, tried to clarify the distinction between dying with or from Covid-19. At a press conference with Illinois Gov. J. B Pritzker, she responded to a question (see video below):

I just want to be clear in terms of the definition of people dying of COVID. The definition is very simplistic. It means, at the time of death it was a COVID-positive diagnosis. That means that if you were in hospice and had already been given a few weeks to live and then you were also were found to have COVID, that would be counted as a COVID death. Technically, even if you died of clear alternate cause but you still had COVID at the time it is still listed as a COVID death. Everyone who’s listed as a COVID death doesn’t mean that that was the cause of the death but they had COVID at the time of their death. I hope that’s helpful.

Quite helpful, indeed, Doctor.

She also answered a question about how many people died from  Covid-19 who did not have another underlying condition. She said 90 percent of the deaths attributed to Covid-19 actually died with an underlying condition. The implication in the second video (below) is that only five percent of the Covid-19 deaths are due to the disease alone, and not from an underlying condition.

This shoots to hell the premise for the nation-wide shutdowns imposed by various governors and mayors. If the disease is not as fatal as advertised, how do you justify jailing people in their homes, killing millions of jobs, wrecking the education of more millions, ruining the quality of life for so many more and so forth?

To justify this bulldozing of our civil rights, martial law proponents have been trying to "clarify" Ezike's already clear definitions. Like trying to wash your car with hogwash.

Typical is a TruthorFiction "fact check" that tried to squirm around the statement by suggesting that whatever deaths were not caused by Covid-19 were more than offset by the unknown number of times that people died without anyone knowing that they were infected with and caused by Covid-19. Even though nobody knows the number.

Really laughable.

As well meaning as epidemiologists and statisticians are, Ezike spoke the truth. Martial law was declared based on the worst possible scenarios they predicted, predictions that turned out not to just be wrong, but grossly untrue. 

Their credibility as scientists and dedicated public servants have been eroded if not ruined. And that makes the coronavirus pandemic even more destructive.


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  • Dennis couldn't be more intentionally inaccurate here... True, there are some people who are being treated by hospice and are given 'days' to live and then they get Covid and then they die. People who have gone through hospice know how unlikely this is. People in hospice who are given the terminal prognosis aren't getting medical attention. They are almost certainly not getting Covid tests and neither are their corpses. This is a red-herring at best.

    And this argument about the number of people who have some other disease is also ridiculous. I have severe asthma. I can live a long and reasonably productive life. I get covid and because of the asthma, I die. Dennis would have you believe that that is essentially irrelevant, because I had asthma, the fact that I got Covid and died shouldn't be something we care about. By definition, the 'regular flu' isn't killing people like this, but Covid is. But for some reason, we are still supposed to assume that Covid is just like the 'regular flu'? In about 7 months, Covid has killed about 3 or 4 times as many people as an entire year of the flu kills. All of this while we are wearing masks, social distancing, etc., things we never do because of a regular flu. And these liars continue to try to spread the lie that Covid is as dangerous as a regular flu. This is such an intellectually dishonest opinion that I can't fathom you being able to sleep at night after continuing to propagate this. If Covid is like the regular flu, why the hell are so many more people dying? You should be ashamed of yourself, either for how dishonest this makes you look or for how wrong this just makes you look. Neither is a good look for you.

    The worst part is that someone then proposes something that is counter to your opinion and you dismiss it out of hand. There are almost certainly people who live alone who die from Covid and they are never counted. It's still hard enough to get a Covid test, even in wealthy communities with lots of resources, you think they are going around testing corpses?

  • In reply to BillDCat:

    "Dennis would have you believe that that is essentially irrelevant." "But for some reason, we are still supposed to assume that Covid is just like the 'regular flu'"

    I said neither of those things. Please respond to me, not to a staw man.

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    I apologize, perhaps you could explain what infectious disease you meant when you said:

    > My own guess is that the most dire predictions overstated the danger and that the death rate will be comparable to other infectious diseases that did not require a nation-wide lockdown.

    You obviously didn't mean the flu. What did you mean?

  • fb_avatar

    Thank you Dennis for reminding folks of how were are being manipulated by the powers who want to control us.

  • "The powers who want to control us"? I suppose that means doctors like those whom you see to stay healthy. Why not stop seeing doctors if you feel the way you do? Get a brain, pal.

  • Dennis, you piece borders on hyperventilating hysteria. Children will not go bonkers if they see pandemic statistics. And isn't that a free speech zone? Should someone be called a disparaging name for rightfully exercising their freedom of speech. You sound less than a traditional Republican and more like someone who ordered the police to teargas peaceful demonstrators near the White House grounds

  • What is this martial law you are speaking of? Didn't you go out for a pizookie during the pandemic? How were you allowed to partake in that pizookie if you were under martial law lockdown? Seems like you were bulldozing that pizookie into your gut instead of having your civil rights bulldozed like you seem to claim.

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