Anarchy clobbers Chicago. Had enough yet?

How long must Chicago tolerate this? Glass is shattered in the Nordstrom store at Wabash and Grand avenues after rioting and looting occurred in the Gold Coast. (Jose M. Osorio / Chicago Tribune)

How long must Chicago tolerate this? Glass is shattered in the Nordstrom store at Wabash and Grand avenues after rioting and looting occurred in the Gold Coast. (Jose M. Osorio / Chicago Tribune)

Had enough yet of State's Attorney Kim Foxx and her let-'em-loose corruption of the criminal justice system that has signaled that crime has no consequences?

Had enough yet of Cook County Chief Judge Timothy Evans' complicity in fashionable lunacy that would empty the jails?

Had enough yet of the defund-the-police craziness? And of the blindness of left-wing ideologues who despite the evidence before their and our eyes claim that criminals are protestors, exercising their constitutional rights?

Had enough yet of woke blockheads who have to "address the root causes" before we allow the police to secure everyone's safety?

If you've had enough of it, will enough Chicagoans and Illinoisans join you to reverse the disastrous far-left agenda that is the cause of the riots and violence that is striking not just Chicago, but some other American cities?

In her press conference this morning, Chicago Mayor Lori lightfoot, despite some earlier pandemic stumbles, spotlighted the stupidity that has lead to the chaos that endangers everyone's liberty, security and peace of mind.

There is no justification for the looting and violence, she said, taking direct aim at the nihilism rationalizes the mob rule. The need to first "address the root causes," the requirement that a "holistic approach" is necessary when everyone can't wait around until nirvana blossoms.

The state's attorney and courts need to step up to enforce the law, she said, taking a well-deserved shot at Foxx and Evans. This being Chicago where self-interest and ego reign, one has to wonder whether the duo will pay attention.

Moreover, she got down to one of the most important "root causes" of the mayhem: The failure of the communities most affected by the violence to cooperate by turning in the offenders.

Of course, we understand their fear. Going to the police is "ratting." Retaliation is rampant in their neighborhoods. They don't trust the police. They want to protect their families. But she's right. Cooperation is key. "We can't do it alone," she said. We cannot let our city be "taken over by criminals and vigilantes."

The unfounded rumor mill also must stop. The latest looting was sparked, according to top cop David Brown, when false rumors began spreading about a police shooting in Englewood. The 20-year-old shot at the pursuing police who returned fire. He was wounded, but a crowd that gathered later was told that the police had shot a child. Later, a caravan of looters was spotted heading up the Dan Ryan.

By their own admission, the police were overwhelmed, not to mention demoralized and overworked in 12-hour shifts. Of course, we'll have to endure the usual complaints about "why didn't someone do something?" Meaning, why did the police "let" this happen?

They need help. The Illinois National Guard needs to be present to quell this insurrection as certainly as they are when natural disaster strikes. This is worse than a natural disaster--this is a disease festering in the heart of the community. Gov. J.B. Pritzker is in charge of the National Guard; whether he has the courage to deploy it is highly doubtful. Even if Lightfoot wrongly fails to ask for the assistance.

Meanwhile, federal help also is required. No, not regular Army troops patrolling the streets, but with the kind of expert crime fighting techniques that will put alway the shooters and looters. And let us hear no more of  the inevitable howls that President Donald Trump is responsible for inciting the violence.

So, the question remains: Have conditions plummeted so low that at last the community will rise up and finally cast off the destructive far-left handcuffs?




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  • Lightfoot said they have lots of video evidence and testimony and it’s time for the prosecutors and judges to do their job, meaning Foxx and Evans. Hope everyone sees today’s Trib article and charts of how many violent offenders Foxx have released compared to Alvarez. Not even close. And Foxx says too many people of color in jail. It’s not their color, it’s their crime. Tell me how and why anyone could vote for Foxx.

  • In reply to Get out of IL now!:

    Foxx will be ushered in again by Soros money, and Lightfoot (or a clone) will be elected in a landslide. Nothing changes. It's the Chicago Way. Eliot Ness is dead, long dead.

  • Will the city cast off the far-left progressive ideas that have resulted in the mayhem? No.

    Does anybody really believe that The Undertaker's rhetoric in blaming Foxx and Evans is more than a show and deflection? Yes! Ask any far-left progressive.

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    I do believe Lightfoot knows what needs to be done. She knows that the Mag Mile is the crown jewel and needs for tourists and residents to feel safe. She knows the difference between legitimate protesters an criminals. She doesn’t want to give Trump credit, but she needs ATF and FBI for the guns and gangs. She is also has come to realize she needs the cops, though it’s too late. She knows she is going it alone, but Preckwinkle, Foxx, Evans, and Pritzker are happy to let her hang.

  • In reply to Get out of IL now!:

    Lightfoot is a Left-wing party hack who knows that, in the end, she will not be blamed for this disaster. She is so clueless she is out yelling at people on the beach at Montrose yesterday. She, like every mayor before her, bow to the gangs who have their protection in the leftist media and elite who run this city. Her attacks on Foxx and Evans are just more of the BS that will turn this city into Beruit.

  • Sad to say, I heard several people say today, words to the effect that “I wasn’t raised in a racist home, didn’t consider myself a racist, but after what I saw last night, I guess I’m turning into one.” Same people also said they loved going downtown, but never again. Chicago won’t be known for Michael Jordan and the Bulls anymore.

  • In reply to Get out of IL now!:

    Those. People. Are. Idiots.
    Do you judge all white people by all the white mass shooters? What about all the white serial killers? Yeah, I didn't think so. Doing judge an entire race of people across the country because of a small group in one town.

  • Any sane person could reasonably argue that it is the policies of the RIGHT that have widened the chasm between the haves and the have-nots to the point where lack of opportunity and hopelessness leave violence as the only outlet. Maybe they've had enough of that.

    We had a violent uprising once before, I believe. It had something to do with taxation without representation. Add to that shooting without provocation and you've got quite the combustible mixture.

  • In reply to Bob Abrams:

    Finally Someone with the brain on here!

  • Dennis, who on the left says that these criminals are protesters? Be specific. You generalize by referring to the "left" or "far left". All law-abiding citizens want to bring these criminals to justice. So this is not a matter of one side of the aisle or the other. Put partisanship aside. Once and for all.

  • Dennis, are you going to reply to this? Or just allow this type of disgusting rhetoric to fester on your blog? Either way, I hope you see the type of reader and culture you're welcoming.

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