"46 Minutes of Joe Biden Talking Nonsense"

One's first inclination seeing this is to laugh. Second is to feel embarrassed for this man who is being so irresponsibly used by the political left. The third is to be afraid, very afraid. This is the man who is supposed to lead us? Knock on the door off any retirement home and you'll probably find someone who better knows where he is.

I'm 78-years-old and I know that I couldn't handle the challenges of a campaign, even if I was ensconced in my basement and the only questions I got were softballs from friendly reporters. Democrats, please stop this before it is too late. We know how dangerous Trump can be, but do we know what Biden will do? Damn scary.

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  • Your text would remain the same if Trump were the subject of your piece, but you would, of course, have to add personal traits that Biden does not have, namely, corrupt, monomaniacal, spiritually bankrupt, soulless, sexually depraved, vengeful, uncouth, cold-hearted, pathologically mendacious, abysmally uninformed, manipulative, bigoted, venal, malicious, and cowardly.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    How did you miss your usual—racist, homophobic, misogynistic, misanthropic, anti Semitic, anti Muslim, philanderer, sadistic, despotic, vengeful, etc.? Losing your touch?

  • In reply to Get out of IL now!:


  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    What you say about Trump already has been established and widely accepted. Yet how many Democrats are willing to say openly that Biden has serious problems, among them senility?

  • Growing up on Chicago's Lower West Side in the '50s, I watched as our Democratic precinct captain never wasted an opportunity to remind my father that Dems "stood up for the working man." Well, like the Old South, any support for American workers from that party is gone with the wind. What we are looking at today are "Democrats" who in political terms couldn't find their own rear ends using both hands. After nearly 4 years of trying to undo the legal results of the 2016 election, we now have to put up with crap from clowns like AOC who are wasting time complaining that most of the statues of American leaders in Congress are "white." Why is she collecting a paycheck worrying about statues when she should, for example, be asking why we have an immigration policy that is putting the screws to American workers?

    How much longer will it take for Americans to wake up and acknowledge that the Democratic Party is a miserable failure and must be replaced by another movement or at least demand a third party that is genuinely concerned about the future of this country?

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