Where are the black lives matters marchers for Mikhi James?

"We say black lives matter, but we’re here to say black baby lives matter more."

Three-year-old Mikhi James was one of 13 people shot to death over the weekend in Chicago, but where are the thousands of black lives matter marchers?

More than 100 people were shot during the same weekend, enough to squeeze COVID-19 patients out of neighborhood emergency rooms.

It was too much for Rev. Ira Acree of Greater St. John Bible Church. He lamented:

A line was crossed. This is a horrific Father’s Day. This 3-year-old baby lost his life. ... I could not pastor this community and not say something.

We say black lives matter, but we’re here to say black baby lives matter more.

Do you think we could get tens of thousands of people to march on the South and West sides, demanding an end to violence--the kind that is inflicted on the black community by vicious black gangsters? Where are all the self-righteous white people who denounce the police for their brutal treatment of black men?

The police did not shoot Baby Mikhi. Nor did they shoot any of the 100 shooting victims. They were doing their best, working double 12-hour shifts to try to protect those very neighborhoods they are being accused of victimizing. 

Defund the police? Ask the people in the neighborhoods that are getting shot up? They might have a different view.




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  • Where is WLB?

    You know, White Leftist Bloggers, who were just a few weeks ago in fits of outrage about black lives mattering right here on this site?

    The only black lives that matter to these privileged White Leftist Bloggers are the ones that can be used for political ends.

  • I don't know if I can blame white people for not marching/protesting the deaths on the west and south side of Chicago. For one, there are a lot of marches in those communities to stop the gun violence, but many black people are not aware of when and where those marches are planned to happen. I also can't blame them for not wanting to go into a bad area, but marching against police brutality says they are trying to help.

    The media are also part of the problem. It is very easy to know when and where the Black Lives Matter marches are scheduled to take place because the media usually are all over it. Also, Black Lives Matter knows of the importance of reaching out to variety of organizations and community leaders.

    I would say the west and south side protest organizers could try to reach out to more organizations and churches in other communities if they want a diverse protest, but the problems are within the community and outside protesters can only do so much. The community need to demand more from the Lori Lightfoot and the police.

    I believe the city allowing gang members to shoot their guns all day and all night long is part of the problem. We need stricter laws in this state. The black leaders must hold Springfield accountable as well. No one fears the police in Chicago. They feel the police can't solve murders or robberies. Maybe, the city should try something different because the policing right now is not working.

    Tom Dart has said the Cook County Sheriff want to do more in Chicago. Why not give the Cook County Sheriff more funding to see what they can do in a ward on the west or south side of the city? Maybe, the sheriff would solve more murders. Maybe, the crime would go down.

    I am not against the CPD, but the gang members in the city are taking them for a joke. They post videos of their guns and drugs on social media without any fear of getting arrested.

  • I never see in newspaper articles a breakdown of the races of those killed. Are the vast majority black? And who are the suspects? I know statistically that the vast majority of blacks murdered were killed by other blacks, yet BLM mobilizes only when a white cop kills a black. 100 some people shot in one weekend, in Chicago alone, probably mostly black, and now all these protesters are concerned about is tearing down statues. That saves a lot of lives? What if all of these protesters started marching every weekend in these shooting areas and kept the gangbangers away?

  • Black Lives Matter is an organic, morally-driven movement against the structural racism in our political, social, and economic order. It is protected by our First Amendment right to protest for the redress of grievances. On the other hand, criminal behavior, whatever the race of the perpetrators, is the main responsibility of law enforcement, i.e., the police.

    Attacking BLM for not marching where crime is rampant is not meant to be a serious approach to the criminal threat of gang violence. It's just a snide, cynical attempt to undermine the legitimacy of citizens whose goal is to eliminate racial injustice, pure and simple.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    I tend to agree: BLM has been founded for a specific mission; however, WLB (White Leftist Bloggers) constantly are reminding us that they concerned with all black lives all the time -- and yet are mostly silent on the carnage on the south and west sides, probably because these areas of the city, for them, might as well be in another dimension, far removed from their white privileged lives.

  • In reply to Aquinas wired:

    So the esoteric fight against racism and white supremacy is greater than trying to prevent 100 black on black shootings in one Chicago weekend. They have as much right to protest gang violence as to protest white supremacy, but that is not part of their agenda. Criminal behavior is up to the police and community involvement in preventing it is not?

  • Equating unarmed, black men killed by police with with gun violence in low income, gang-ridden black neighborhoods is the height of white privilege and a completely disingenuous and specious argument.

    The only correlation between the two is that they are both manifestations of the centuries long subjugation of a race that is left without opportunity and without voice.

    President Barack Obama notwithstanding.

    As a corollary, it is the right wing, fanatic misinterpretation of the 2nd Amendment that makes the free flow of guns into the hands of criminals possible.

  • In reply to Bob Abrams:

    "Equating unarmed, black men killed by police with with gun violence in low income, gang-ridden black neighborhoods is the height of white privilege and a completely disingenuous and specious argument."

    If that's what you read from the posts and the comments, I can only conclude that you are intentionally misreading it or that you're not too bright.

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