The two-man parade of fools: Trump and Biden

Turned on the TV this morning. Saw President Donald Trump droning on and on about what a great job he's done. I went to do something else. Came back later, he's still at it. Look at me, look at me. I did a great job, incredible job. Nobody ever as great. A pitiful 48-minute-long monologue about his wonderful self. It was like watching him masturbate.

Then I caught a video of former Vice President Joe Biden droning on and on, trying to put a  coherent sentence together on the View. What better setting was there than the View to ask Biden a snowball question: Is he sorry? Watch him stumble around. Even the View partisans looked, well, worried. Babbling Biden.

It's too late to find a different Republican candidate, someone who doesn't exhibit all the symptoms of mental illness but who advocates for policies that I like, such as balancing out the left-leaning judiciary with judges who don't make law.

But it's not too late for Democrats to find another candidate who doesn't appear to be one step short of drooling. Someone tweeted that the answer would be to remake Biden's basement to look like the Oval Office, plunk him in there and tell him that he won the election. He wouldn't know the difference.

Maybe we should do the same with Trump. Let him think he's talking to the nation by setting up some fake cameras in the Oval Office or Rose Garden, sprinkle around a few cutouts posing as willing props and let him go on and on like Little Jack Horner and proclaim, "Oh what a good boy am I."

If we could put aside our partisan and ideological straightjackets for a minute or two, we could admit that both men are seriously deficient and perhaps dangerous. Maybe we'll get lucky. Maybe in a second term Trump will continue to pursue policies that have given us a great economy and, despite the carping of "follow-the-science" experts, managed to keep us from suffering the millions of predicted COVID-19 deaths and correctly cast aside the "systemic racism" hooey to correctly identify the damage to body, soul and nation that the riots have caused.

If elected, no telling what Biden would do. Into whose hands his administration would fall. Whether his (or his handler's choice) of vice president would be up to the job.

We can only pray. 

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  • Trump is worse than a fool. He's a fool with power.

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