Covid-19 deaths yesterday: Illinois, 23; Wisconsin, 0


That can't be right.

The experts, Democratic politicians, liberal commentators and the political left warned that Wisconsin would become the ultimate example of how to spread the deadly COVID-19 plague.

It would be so because Wisconsin is completely open, without the coronavirus lockdowns, school and restaurant closings, mask wearing and social distancing requirements the experts insisted were absolutely necessary.

Wisconsin has been open since May 13 when the four Republicans on the state Supreme Court overruled the three Democrats and declared that Democratic Gov. Tony Evers didn't have the authority to extend the state's "Safer at Home" lockdown until May 26.

Death, we were assured, awaits breakers of the given word. Evers called his state "The Wild West." Ominously, the media published images of bars packed with people, who presumably within days or weeks would be dead.

Didn't happen.

Sure one day doesn't tell the story. So let's look at the cumulative toll: (here and here)

Illinois, 6,647; Wisconsin, 744.

For those who ripped me for comparing Illinois with Florida, I'll throw in that state's fatalities. Deaths yesterday: 17; total deaths: 3,144.

You, of course, will recall that Florida was trashed for opening "too soon." It still is being ridiculed, as the state records an uptick in the number of cases. That's due to increased testing and an expected case increase because the coronavirus is quite contagious.

But again, the statistic that counts most is deaths, followed by hospitalizations. Deaths are most important because it is the only way to determine how "deadly" the disease actually is. It is the figure that the experts themselves chose to use when some predicted that two million Americans would die and that hospitals would be packed beyond breaking with COVID-19 cases.

Does the Wisconsin experience prove that nothing should have been closed? No, I don't think so. But it throws a further wrench into the certainty of those most dire predictions. And adds substance to the argument that the lockdown measures unnecessarily crippled the jobs, businesses and the American economy.

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  • "Deaths are most important because it is the only way to determine how "deadly" the disease actually is." This is the second time you have used this classic tautology. As I tried to explain before, death is not the only social or economic cost of the pandemic.

    Even the military, when they assess their losses in battle, do not confine themselves to deaths. To truly assess their losses they measure "casualties": those dead, wounded and missing.

  • And as I tried to explain before (did you read it?) deaths are the most significant statistic because the lockdowns were based on that figure. I haven't denied that hospitalizations are important, but if we're to discuss deaths we ought to spotlight that figure. Are you trying to ignore deaths?

  • In reply to Dennis Byrne:

    No, lockdowns were not based on deaths only. They were based on the risk of infection. You are trying to reduce the problem to a mortality table.

  • Sure the lockdowns were based on deaths. Remember the predictions of 20 million Americans dying? Comparisons to the 1919 pandemic?That’s what made people go along with lockdowns. At the end of this, deaths from covid will not be a whole lot greater than the Hong Kong flu of 1968 or the Asian flu of the 1950s. Or similar to a lot of yearly flu deaths. There will be another flu strain next year as usual, not necessarily covid. Another lockdown?

  • This author is the fake news type. Here’s the exact words he wrote when illinois was taking caution and Florida wasn’t, guess what? Florida is going to take Illinois spot on the corona cases Lott’s by Tuesday, famous last words by a science denier. We even have a huge concentrated city so you’d expect more here;;
    “Yeah sure, you know better, having confined your masses to a much more rigid lockdown”

    He went on to taughnt science and act like a no it all. That attitude will now cost more lives, really pathetic, the rest of the article I’m putting in my Facebook page if anyone wants to read, I’m sure he took it down as he was wrong and that’s sad.

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