Obama for vice president?

No, not Michelle, as many people are hoping. Instead, her husband, the former president, Barack.

Well, you can't say that we haven't entered a different universe, where the unexpected, unprecedented and wacky are on today's menu.

That Barack Obama should run as Joe Biden's running mate appeared in a Washington Post column, "Joe Biden’s best ‘running mate’? The president he served." The contributing columnist Matt Bai suggests that what better way for Biden to "embody" the Obama legacy than have him as Biden's wing man?

Actually, pushing Obama onto the ticket is something entirely different: An acknowledgment that Biden isn't up to the job. It's a measure of Democratic panic that Biden is a lousy candidate. More importantly it's an acknowledgement that Biden is unfit to be president.

Besides, would Obama accept taking the second chair, even if it's only for appearances when he would be acting president? No way.

In all honesty, Democrats probably would like to kick Biden off the ticket and replace him with someone they believe is more qualified and winnable. Who that might be, beats me.



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  • That's interesting, Dennis, but I'm not sure it's constitutional.

  • I wondered the same thing. But I couldn't find anything in the Constitute that forbad it. Could Congress have passed such a law. Or is there caselaw on it?

  • The question will be if Biden is 25Amended out for senility, or if he should take an unfortunate stumble in the Rose Garden and expire, then can a president serve more than two terms under this situation?

    If Obama did find himself back in the WH it will be a wonderful opportunity for him to quash the criminal investigation that is pecking at his heels.

    I believe that as he will much prefer to chill in his new mansions, play golf, and to assume the role of Oracle of the Universe to his media sycophants.

  • It's an interesting constitutional point. The 22d Amendment, passed to prevent another FDR with his four terms, says only that no person may be "elected" president more than twice. Seemingly one could be elected vice-president, then serve time as president if he or she succeeds to the office. But then what? The second clause says that one who serves more than two years of another's term may thereafter be elected only once. Would this be true of one who had already served two terms as president? Since it is a constitutional issue, congress has no power to amend it by statute. No court has passed on it since it was passed in 1951.

  • fb_avatar

    Two words: Bernie Sanders.

  • Compared to the incumbent, Joe Biden is MORE than up to the task, he'd be an improvement on the order of about 10.

    Almost anyone, chosen at random has the potential of growing into the job, something that Donald Trump has proven himself completely incapable of doing.

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