The Left's anti-science past opposition to epidemic testing 

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  • Of course, you would agree we should not politicize Covid-19. The pandemic endangers Republicans as well as Democrats.

    I read the article you linked. Correct me, but I did not see anything about the Democrats being anti-science. That's not in their DNA.

    The article was published in 1993. The years leading up to it were not friendly to the LGBT community, as you know. That was one of the problems with testing for HIV then as the article explains. The issue of testing was not as clear-cut as it is with the case of Covid-19, which can easily spread through the entire population.

    One of the greatest scientists of the 20th century, the Brit, Alan Turing, was a gay man when British treated homosexuality as a sexual perversion and a felony under the law. Turing was forced to undergo conversion therapy. This caused him severe psychological harm, and eventually his death.

    Vice-President Pence and his wife have supported such a course of "treatment" for members of the LGBT community.

    Fundamentally comparing HIV and the response to it with what's happening now with Covid-19 is like comparing apples and oranges.

    As far as Trump and science, consider these facts: (1) he's called climate change a hoax; (2) he's believes vaccinations can cause autism; (3) he has altered weather chart showing the course of a hurricane; (4) he thinks wind farms cause cancer. (5) and he considers his diet was cheeseburgers and pizza a healthy choice.

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