Bill Clinton, leave Monica Lewinsky alone why don't ya

He had to do it again, drag Monica Lewinsky back into the spotlight when he "explained" why he had an affair with the White House intern. In this latest explanation, he revealed he did it to "manage his anxieties."

As quoted in the New York Times he prattled on:

“You feel like you’re staggering around — you’ve been in a 15-round prizefight that was extended to 30 rounds, and here’s something that’ll take your mind off it for a while,” Mr. Clinton says. “Everybody’s life has pressures and disappointments and terrors, fears of whatever, things I did to manage my anxieties for years.”


Most twitter and other responses suggested that he should have taken a pill to manage his anxieties. Instead, seeking relief with medication (or by himself), Clinton's insufferable ego compelled him to make up a new explanation, all so that he can be included the spreading Blob of victimhood.

What bothered me even more was his selfish compulsion to drag Monica Lewinsky back into the public's consciousness, with all the embarrassment and shame that goes with it.

There was no reason except for his personal benefit to bring it up again.

He used her then, and he's using her now. She wasn't a person that he had wronged; she was a pill, a Valium. A stress reliever. A tool. Yes, he admits he had wronged her, just as, I suppose, you can claim that the devil (i.e. his stress)  made him do it.

Monica Lewinsky was a  young woman who deserved--and still does--all the compassion handed out by the #MeToo movement to sexually abused women. 

I will not be watching the sickening four-part documentary series, “Hillary,” which amounts to one more pathetic exercise by a desperate woman to place herself in the front row of the national stage. I would vomit if I saw her, as she does in the series, "reveal" how surprised she was by Bill's affair. She explained how she was "convinced" by adamant denials of an affair. It is high-order BS when everyone else in America knew that her creepy husband was lying. (And later committed a true impeachable felony of perjury by lying under oath about his affair.)

It is truly beyond my understanding how progressives, masters of the universe of compassion, could tolerate Clinton's victimization of Lewinsky. How they could excuse him of what today would be a capitol offense if committed by, a corporate CEO, against not just an intern, but a grown woman. The power imbalance of that affair if just staggering, exceeding anything that has been recently revealed.

And don't you dare say that Lewinsky was a willing participant in the affair. By the definition hurled about today about what defines sexual harassment and assault, Clinton not only should have been  removed from office but should have faced criminal charges once out of office.

In my view, Bill Clinton is as much of a slithering worm in a pile of dung as Harvey Weinstein. That a network would give any credibility to him and his equally obnoxious wife signals just how deep today's popular culture has sunk.

Here (below) is his defense of his actions in an earlier interview. He felt "terrible" (boo hoo for his suffering), he didn't  get off free and he left the White House "16 million in debt."  Talk about Donald Trump's state of mind. This guy is Trump's equal in that department. Be sure to watch the goofy excuses made for him by two women defenders of the dirt bag. 

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