Y'all make me sick

You, the cretins on both sides of the political divide. You who are turning the United States of America into a madhouse incapable of governing itself. You who believe that your success requires that the other side must be ground into dust.

Ya'll won't be happy unless you humiliate and crush your "enemies."  Winning the election is no longer sufficient. Opponents must be understood to be loathsome, depraved, wicked or evil. Their supporters are obviously repulsive dopes or arrogant, imperious elites. Those who see goodness in moderation and compromise must be naive fools.

I'm talking to both sides. President Donald Trump is the master of malignancy, who, among other things, "jokes" about body slamming, knocking the crap out of, and punching the face of  assorted opponents. Hillary Clinton, with her reference to "deplorables" and President Barack Obama with his description of conservatives as clinging to "guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them" (i.e. bigots and racists) set the tone for the nastiness that has followed.

Public discourse has plummeted from sophomoric, to adolescent and now is slipping below childish.

But here's the rub: both sides have done stuff that deserves to be investigated. The list has grown way too long to itemize here, but you know what they are...at least the things committed by the other side.

All of it is serious, going all the way back to the previous administration up to the current one. You can't accuse Trump's questionable dealings with Ukraine without bringing Joe Biden into the discussion. And vice versa. You can't talk about impeachment without probing Nixon-like dirty tricks pulled against Trump. You can't rage about "fake news" without ending the half-truths and deceptions issuing from your own mouth.

Understand, this is not a plea for the kind of enforced and politically correct intercourse that forbids any remark that can offend. The officially imposed safe places, speech codes and other nonsense designed to prevent even the slightest hurt feelings are just as dangerous.

The charges leveled by and against both sides are so imperative and grave that they ought to be handled with dignity. Ridicule, jeering, sarcasm and mockery no longer will get out us of this self-destructive and obsessive routine.



My historical novel: Madness: The War of 1812

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  • Well put, Dennis. No wonder this political climate reminds me much more of 1973-74, when I was in elementary school, than of 1997-98, when I was a working adult.

  • Relax, Dennis. As Margaret points out, this is not totally without precedent in the history of this country. Vigorous, indeed outlandish, rhetoric is common in our democratic history. As you recently counseled young people regarding the environment, it will probably be a while before the world and the United States of America turns "into a madhouse incapable of governing itself."

  • Who is John Galt?

  • The rude, ignorant and malicious intent is nothing new. What is new is the 24/7/365 media blast about it. Winning an election was never enough in American history. Remember, Lincoln was the target of assassination on his way to his swearing-in.

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