Wall St. Journal columnist: Obama center not a done deal

James Freeman, the Wall Street Journal's "Best of the Web" column, suggests that it's time for the well-connected supporters of the Obama Center's construction in Jackson Park to take the opposition seriously.

In "Obama Still Can’t Build That: Bureaucrats, community organizers strike back against former President’s plan to develop historic park," Freeman noted:

If one didn’t care about the preservation of treasured city parks—and managed to forget that Mr. Obama imposed a record amount of regulation on his fellow citizens—one could almost feel sorry for Mr. Obama as he continues to face formidable political and procedural hurdles. Imagine how different his presidency might have been if he had attempted a private development project before constructing the world’s most expensive bureaucracy.

The Tower of Homage to Obama is much more than a local issue, as more and more "folks" take note of Obama's hypocrisy: Community organizing is terrific as long as I'm not the one being asked to consider the community's welfare.

By the way, Obama's hypocrisy extends well beyond his ugly tower. This arrived today by email from the former president who still is profiting from his faux community organizer profile:

Over the years, we've proven that change can happen when ordinary people come together and organize their communities -- and in the process, we've learned that the foundation of successful organizing starts with good training. That's why I'm proud to announce Redistricting U, a new in-person organizing training initiative from All On The Line.

For Redistricting U, All On The Line is sending dedicated trainers to cities across the country to train volunteers, give them the skills and tools they need to impact the redistricting process, empower them as leaders in the movement for fair maps, and hear their ideas about approaches that will work best in their communities.

Because if we want to achieve the change we seek, we'll need a strong, well-trained grassroots organizing movement leading the charge. So, I hope you'll donate today and become a Redistricting U Founding Member.

Well sure, fight the gerrymandering that favors insiders, special interests and incumbents as long as the bad guys are Republicans (which they are in many states). But forget about making it an issue in Illinois, where partisan redistricting for decades have favored Democrats, solidified House Speaker Mike Madigan's autocracy and contributed mightily to the wreck that has been made of Illinois' finances.

It's called not biting the hands of those in Chicago and Illinois who have fed Obama's career. Hypocrite.



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  • Well done, Dennis. This is fascinating, especially as I note that Mr. and Mrs. Obama have not "moved home" to Chicago since they left Washington.

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