What the hell was Kamala Harris' point about busing?

I had to scratch my head when Sen. Kamala Harris in effect blamed Vice President Joe Biden for how Harris ("That Little Girl Was Me") was bused as a child to an all-white school.

Was she blaming Biden for her getting bused to an all-white school? Was Biden to blame for her the all-white school? Was she buses to an all-white school from a black neighborhood.

Her media minions gave her points for her attack, revealing not just their bias, but their ignorance of history.

screen-shot-2019-07-01-at-12-06-24-pmYears ago, racial integration was the quintessential test of progressive purity. Supporting busing to achieve racial integration was the come-to-Jesus moment for anyone wanting to avoid the badge of racism. Black children had to be bused to schools in white neighborhoods. White kids bused the other way. Just being in proximity to one another was the progressive/liberal/Democratic solution for ending segregation, stereotypes, low self-esteem and poverty.

If that sounds racist by today's standards, I guess you could call it that. Progressive racism.

Is that what Biden is guilty of? Does Harris now disavow progressive efforts to end de facto school racial segregation? Does Harris even know what the point was?

So here's the irony: Harris is hurling nasties at Bidden (whether or not he supported "busing to achieve racial integration") because he was around when the progressive ideal was something that Harris now condemns?

Harris is counting on her young progressive supporters to be ignorant of history and practitioners of uncritical thinking. In this, she's probably right.


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  • It's a logical syllogism. Joe Biden opposed court-ordered busing. Racists opposed court-ordered busing. Therefore Joe Biden is a racist. It's wrong, but it SOUNDS logical!

  • You're right. The media and Harris (one and the same) know that the younger voters aren't much on history.

    It's pretty much apparently been decided that Biden is too white, too unwoke and too creepy-touchy-feely to be the nominee, so suddenly the MSM finds evidence of Biden's "racism" after burying it through his other presidential races and his term as VP. Wait until the MSM pulls out Biden's quote about finally the Democrats have a black candidate who is "clean" and "articulate". For most Dems young and old it will be the first time hearing it. Wait, it's already resurfaced....


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