After listening to both sides, a yawn is all I can feel about the  fiery debate about the United States plunging into a "constitutional crisis."

From the tenor of the "conversation," one might imagine that we've returned to 1860 when a true constitutional crisis led to the Civil War

What we have in the face-off between the Trump administration and Congress is another disagreement about the balance of power between two co-equal branches of government that might have to be resolved by the courts--the third co-equal branch.

We've survived this before and we'll survive it again. But you wouldn't think so from the passionate, nay near-hysterical noises. We survived it when President Obama issued far-reaching (too far, in my opinion) executive orders and when Attorney General Eric Holder blatantly ignored bein charged with contempt of Congress. We survived it during the presidency of Bill Clinton, when he was put on trial in the Senate for perjury--more of a constitutional crisis than what's happening today.

Speaking of which, the ultra-liberal MoveOn.Org got started during the Clinton fight, choosing as its name--MoveOn--because liberals then thought it was time to quit the Republican belly-aching and move on to more important business. Just the reverse of today.

Well, we tend to forget such hypocrisy, or some of us are too young to remember. Perhaps it's a generational thing. The young tend to think that everything that's happening in their generation is the worst, or unprecedented. We old-timers tend to think that the young know nothing of the real world.




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    Yes, if this were truly a constitutional crisis then Pelosi should impeach to save the country. But since it isn't she is just satisfied crying 'wolf' at everything Trump does and thinks that will give the Dems the Senate and White House in 2020.

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    I love seeing these clowns soil themselves at every turn. They have no agenda other than 'We Hate Trump'. Get used to Trump for another 5 years. Pelosi, Waters, Ginsburg - vapor lock is coming and not too soon.

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